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by jswift
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I launched my website several weeks back. Naturally it's not flying as I thought it would.

I developed the whole site in a couple of days. It's meant to be very simple, uncluttered and user-friendly, but I'm worried now it might be too simple. Please let me know if this service is useful to you and if there's anything I should add to it.

All suggestions and criticism will be greatly appreciated.

Please have a look at

Many thanks.
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    Very cool idea. Like u said, a bit to simple. Maybe some color and some pictures to be added?
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      Hi jswift,

      I like the minimalistic design. But I didn't like the logo colors. And also increase the font size a bit?

      What did you develop this on?
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    It was developed using PHP.
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      It is a nice niche, but not a one that wasn't thought of by others. Type "domain name checker" in google and check out the results. You got a hell of a lot of competition as a newbie.

      With all this competition your site is surely gonna die off unless you put more features in it. First of all, have some content, if you want any hope of SEO. Do a keyword research first.

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    nothing wrong with simple design, but the content can't

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    Nice,i love its simplicity
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    You should at least get your meta tags right. Your title is <title>Zegup: Yummy Domains</title> , First, who is going to search for the phrase "yummy domains". Do some keyword research and use up to 62 characters in the title. Make sure the keywords you use in the title are in the description too. Some Content with some keyword density will also help. Great idea and the simplicity is cool.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Suggestions on what I should rename the title to?

    How about "How To Find A Short, Catchy Domain Name"?
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      When people want to search for domains the common words they'll use are domain checker or finder. The problem in using this is that there are too many similar sites using the same keyword, it would be mammoth task of SEO to rank anywhere near the first page. The ideal thing is to use a keyword that is not common, but which people may sometimes search for. Here are some examples: Domain detective, Domain hound, Domain wizard. Use your imagination and a little keyword research.

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    If anyone wanted to search for domains they would just use GoDaddy's bulk search. I am targeting specifically people who need help finding short (5-letter) .com's.
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    and you could monetize it with just one banner image.

    The turtle always wins.

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    Not bad. The design was great.
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    Cool job you've done. If I select A-Z for 5 characters what will happen then bro? It'll find any meaningful word for me!
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