This to you guys may seem laughable....

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But I've scoured the web for an answer, thought of buying webmaster books and done every possible search and I cant' find the solution.

So here goes, I have 2 landing pages, I want to use Google web optimizer on them.

It says I must post a snippet into the source code.

Just where do I find such a thing.

I've posted Google webmaster and Google analytics snippets into header on wordpress. But this is a far more technical beast.

I'm talking 'up at the server stuff here' anyone know of a walk through.

I need to do this myself as i've got 2/3 of these a week coming up.
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      Thanks for that, but as with everything I've read on this (and i've read alot) it doesn't actually lead me to how I put the code into my pages:confused:

      Just where does a fella learn how to a snippet into the source code?
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    Posting the code anywhere between the body tags should work. If you want, I can have a look for you.
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    You do NOT put it in the "source code" - if you are referring to what you see when right-click > View Source...

    In WP whatever you want to appear has to be in one of these 2 places:
    - in a template file, or
    - in your content

    When it comes about code, your sure pick is > template file.

    The above is the general rule: G optimizer with WP = PITA
    Mainly because the header.php that is called when displaying your content (site) is ALWAYS the same...

    I have seen recently some posts discussing split testing on WP - maybe you should search for it.

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      you're talking about adding the snippet of code from Google Analytics into the HTML code of your landing page, right?

      here's how to do it:

      open index.html in NOTEPAD

      scroll to almost the end of the document and paste your code right before you see this:


      Save the file and upload it onto your server

      or you can even edit the file on your server without using NotePad.
      if you have cpanel, go to the File Manager, and locate the index.html.
      You can click the edit button, and you'll have access to an editor and then paste your code as I've indicated above and click save


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    Try right inside the opening body tag of this file
    /wp-content/themes/{name of your theme}/header.php
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    Sorry guys but it's not the header it's not Google analytics it's, Google Optimizer.
    Here is the Google words.

    Place the control and tracking script immediately after the opening <head> tag in your original page's source code. Do not put this script in a shared header, or in any file other than the original page.
    Where do I find these individual pages?
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