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    Site is looking attractive in green color.
    Navigation was fast.
    Graphics is loading fast too.
    In my opinion you can change the color of social networking buttons from green to blue , if you like it.
    Rest of the things are good.
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    I think the site is too green, I'd change the background to a grainy white instead of green.
    The social buttons :

    are also green, this will result in users ignoring them, try use their default colors.
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    The green tiled background is annoying, and a poor choice.
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    Social Media /Networking sites does not stand out ...seems to be yet another navigation tab on top which might get ignored
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    I think the green colour is actually ok (considering your site is about herbal products). However the green coloured social media links don't stand out enough and should be changed
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  • Profile picture of the author orb
    5/10, could be improved a lot.
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      Originally Posted by orb View Post

      5/10, could be improved a lot.
      Nice to say that but I think it would be more helpful to know what can be improved in your opinion ;-)
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  • Profile picture of the author varmansk
    cool design and nice color pickup and loading too fast
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    I would 1st change the background color

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  • Profile picture of the author DesignDevelopment
    hey man,
    1. the only main problem i see is the two banners and the unusual nav bar.
    2. The header size is quite annoying, actually putting two sliders of uneuqal sizes are creating visual imbalance. You can stretch the main header and place the other one somewhere else in the layout.
    3. The site it way too green.
    4. The logo need to be bold and prominent.
    5. Very nice footer

    Good luck with it.
    JT Developers
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  • Profile picture of the author sandipandatta
    Top of the site looks a bit crowdy other wise overall it is good

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  • Profile picture of the author TheeBook
    Try to improve the font and put some shadow in your images for 3D look
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  • Profile picture of the author jmel570
    Fast loading site. Attractive display, great quality content. I'd say you nailed it my friend!
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  • Profile picture of the author shantanu
    fabulous website with attractive sober green colour butif the social media button colours would be in their original colours so it will add more stars in your website.
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  • Profile picture of the author lovefreedom
    I am confused to see a pic of you (I guess?) with a racket? What for?
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  • Profile picture of the author The Web Mentor
    Too much text. That will cause many bounces because nobody is going to read all of that. Design sites for your users, not for search engines. The text is too long, way too long.
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  • Very Good!..Keep it up..
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    Its not good concept of designing to choose green colors on whole site. Please change the color of heading and social icons.
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  • Profile picture of the author christinelong
    I agree that your social bookmark images should be different colors. I would also add a contact form and hide your email address, or you'll end up with tons of spam! I would also change the text/paragraphs in the squares next to your product pictures on the home page. Looks like the paragraphs are justified, which isn't necessary. Overall your design is nice.

    Christine Long

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