Need some serious hep with my wodpress code (blackhole Exploite)

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For the last 2 weeks AVG has been tossing up a (blackhole exploite) warning when my site first loads. When you reload the site everything seems to be okay. Also AVG is the only virus scanner that seems to pick up this warning. Could this be a false negative? Also is there someone who can scan through my site to look for this malicious code? Please guys any help would be amazing! Thanks in advance.
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    Deactivate all the plugins and switch back to the default (2011) theme.

    Are there still warnings? If yes, you need a pro service to look at your site. You can also ask your own host... instead of posting here!

    If there are no warnings, then turn on - one by one - the plugins. Check when the warning appears. Switch to your theme - check... etc. the usual troubleshooting routine.

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    I should have also stated that I ended up buying the godaddy website protection which comes with a services that will scan your code for malicious code. They have scanned the site a number of times and have come back with nothing. I will downgrade and disable the plugins to see if there is any change. Any other suggestions would be great.

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    A few remarks, if I may...

    No reasonable person should be hosted at GD. (they already successfully tricked you into buying another crap of theirs, LOL - in case you wondered, why)

    I have never mentioned "downgrade". I don't even know what that is - but if you were referring to reverting back to an earlier WP version, that's the worse solution you could come up with.

    Besides what I suggested above you should also try accessing the site from different computers, different browsers... although maybe you've already done it.

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    When you get to 15 posts, you can post a link. So post a reply somewhere then post the link to your site here. We'll visit carefully... you may actually have an exploit on your site... would be good to check.

    I'm not sure how AVG does things, but when Google does this to your site (google your site and then click on the link to see if Google is concerned as well) they will cache that result. So even after you fix the site, you'll get a warning for a while (few days to a month) until they reindex the site.
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    You can always post a URL if you leave out the http://www stuff

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