Surely there must be an easy solution to this !

by farkry
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Most of the wordpress themes I'm using to build websites put the page title at the top of each page (Home, about, etc) and as far as I can tell there is no way to deactivate this globally !

When searching Google It seems that evey theme has a different way of doing this & some of them seem extremely complicated to do.

I'm spending hours trawling the web every time I use a new template & often I can't even find a solution ..... it's driving me nuts, can anybody help ?
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    It's probably going to be useful if you could put a link up to your site so people can firebug the site to how it can be done and then hopefully help

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    It was more of a general question really, so I guess the answer is ..... no easy solution :-(
    I'll post a link here next time this has me tearing my hair out, I guess I should get hold of firebug & see how that can help me. Thanks
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    If you don't want the title at the top of the page in a specific theme, just edit the corresponding template file, maybe header.php or the post/page.php. Depends totally on the template, but it's and easy fix.
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    yeah this should be very easy. if its a single page and you want the title gone, have a look at the single.php or page.php files and just remove the code that spits out the_title().

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    put the page title at the top of each page
    First thing that everybody should have done: ask to define what is "the top of page"! You, guys, will be amazed how different everybody's notion of 'top of the page' is when people lack the proper terminology.

    I have my own guess but will wait with it until the OP gets back to us

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    I have same problem. Let me know if you get it resolved
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