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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to ask if someone could tell me how to change the title tag in word press themes from the H2 to a H1 tag ?
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    What theme? Usually just do it from the page editor. Or you can look at the source code and just make the change there. Depending on what you're doing you may have to change the style of h1 and h2.
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      The default word press them is what I'm using.
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        The site title or the the post title?

        If it's either of those, you'll need to use the Editor to edit the PHP template, whatever is being used on the homepage.
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          post title
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            Yep - BenQ and BlueLayerHost are right. Use the Editor. From the WordPress Admin Dashboard you can click Appearance > Editor on the left control panel. From there, pick a file that displays in the list on the right side. Each one will load the code in the middle of your screen.

            My suggestion: go through the list and use CTRL + F (or CMD + F) on the keyboard. This should pop open a "FIND" panel or screen somewhere in your browser. Type in h2 and click the next button. If it isn't in this code, it won't find it and you can move to the next file in the list. If it is, it will go to it and you can change it from h2 to h3. **DON'T FORGET TO FIND THE MATCHING /h2 AND ALSO CHANGE IT!**

            Another WARNING: If your StyleSheet is a different style for h1 than h2 then your content will change appearance. You may want to change that.

            Hope that helps!
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    The "default" is the TwentyEleven. And you don't really have h2 tags around titles...

    It is using h1 both for site title and post title - because it is made conform html5 and having different sections it is possible to use multiple h1 tags.

    OP: try to ask a more specific question!

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      I believe that in TwentyEleven h2 tags are used for Comment titles. In any case, the search through the files in the editor will help, just be careful and check the results. Might want to jot down notes of where you made changes.

      I wish the WordPress editor showed line numbers :-/
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    thank you ...kdm5157
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