Is Wordpress generally slow? What to use for a gaming site?

by a_dude
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I've been visiting two gaming sites (not sure if I can post links here), they are both powered by Wordpress. First-byte time is maybe 10 or 15 seconds! Is it generally slow or what?

I'm thinking of opening a gaming site myself, what should I use for it to be reasonably fast?
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    No. The DB relationships that Wordpress has are very light. What can make your site load a lot is the assets it uses (how many and what their size is).

    Furthermore, there are plug ins (Like Total Cache) that do a brilliant job at chaching the DB, assets, minimize them and uploading them through a CDN for faster delivery. Can't recommend this more.
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      No WordPress is fast, but what can slow down your website is if it is running a lot of scripts and such. Try to limit what you are using as the more you use the more your website will be bogged down.
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    More plugins and wordpress frameworks = more connections to database = slowly website.
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