FTP login problems WPress/DrmWeaver8

by ShaneB
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My first ebook site is up and running and it needs some basic edits on the price in the sales letter, and a typo needs fixing.

I've tried everything to get the FTP connected via Dreamweaver8 (Godaddy is hosting). The FTP login is different to the cpanel name and login, and I've tried using both to no effect.

I'm near enough to a complete newbie but these basic changes are within my comfort zone. If not, then it's off to a paid service.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Shane
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    I've just realized this probably needed to go into the Programming Talk forum.
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    Hmm.. why not use FileZilla and manually drag your updated web files to your server then.
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      Thanks Steve, unfortunately i do not have the files or Filezilla. The challenge here is to get Dreamweaver connected. As mentioned I'm in newbie territory. Thanks for your suggestion.
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        Originally Posted by ShaneB View Post

        Thanks Steve, unfortunately i do not have the files or Filezilla.
        That's nonsense. Sorry.
        Download (free) Filezilla, which is an excellent FTP client. Connect to the server.
        Download the file(s).
        (Although that's the part that is "nonsense". If you made the files they must be on your computer!)

        Edit them and upload them again.

        1. If you are using WordPress - you shouldn't use DW. No need for that, it will just complicate your life, as it already did.
        2. Run away from GD hosting.

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          Agreed, GoDaddy's control panel only causes more confusion and difficulty.

          A standalone FTP like FileZilla will be exactly what you need.
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          Thanks Istvan. Unfortunately I did not have anything to do with the actual programming/creation of the website. It was part of a package I bought for training for copywritng etc. etc.

          As mentioned I am in newbie territory with website creation/programming (in fact zero idea on programming) etc. Copywriting I'm ok with... and Dreamweaver I'm reasonably ok with. Filezilla is downloaded but isn't going to do what I want - I need a basic edit on my Sales Letter etc and an FTP connection.
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            In fact I have an account with Hostgator so I will look into transferring the hosting. Thanks for the suggestions to date everyone.
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