How do i optimize my site for ipad and iphone

by bebjan
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I have this movie and TV site and i want to optimize it for my users on the ipad and iphone.

So can any one help me out with that

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      There are some basic requirement to make your site Mobile device ready.
      First, all tables / DIVs must be fluid (i.e. width in percentage and not in pixels). They must be designed so that they roll down rather than overlap.
      Second, you have to define the CSS so that the right images are shown for the right device. Note you have to make multiple versions (dimensions) of the images if they are bigger in size (standard being 240 px).
      Third, the videos should be in MP4 format and there are also some settings for it.

      Lastly you have to test the page in multiple devices - iPhone, iPads, android, PDAs, etc. There will be some variations with the devices, OS and browsers though.
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      Originally Posted by froz View Post

      The first step is to test whether your website or blog looks just as it should on the iPad. Even if you've built a mobile version of your site and it seems to look perfectly fine on the iPhone, it doesn't mean you won't encounter problems on the iPad..
      I was unaware that the site or a blog may look fine in iPhone but not on iPad.
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    is there any tutorial to do this cause i am really confused
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      Check out genesis by studiopress. They have some themes designed specifically for mobile responsiveness (looking at sites on cell phones/tablets). You'll change the look for your site a bit, but IMO it beats going back in and coding everything.
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      Originally Posted by bebjan View Post

      is there any tutorial to do this cause i am really confused
      If you've a budget on this then is best one for you. They provide lots of video tutorials from experts.
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    Yup, go and research for responsive web design. It fits in perfectly for any screen. RWD are based on % instead of traditional pixels. You should try consider reading Ethan Marcotte's book Responsive Web Design as he was the guy behind this new trend.
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    Responsive themes work only with wordpress or can they be used on the blogger ?
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    As others have said, responsive Web design. I am sure there are themes out there that are responsive. I haven't done one yet but I am reading his book and it's quite great.
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