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Hello Everyone.

I am a newbie trying to break into local website design for small/medium sized businesses. I wanted to collect some opinions and advice on pricing for something like this.

This is what I have in mind.

- Wordpress based website with Headway or I-themes framework
- Up to five pages
- Slider with up to 3 images/pics
- Google Maps
- Custom graphic work on the background
- Integration of their exiting social media accounts
- Contact form ( gravity forms)
- Pop up to build their list
- One free year of hosting
- Responsive design....which no one seems to be offering in my area.
- On page optimization..of course
- Misc plugin installation such as Super Chache, Ping Optimizer.. etc
- Blog with their first two Keyword optimized articles to sweeten the deal.

Is $ 750.00 a good price for this? ....too high? ....or am I giving away the whole farm?

In my area rhere's people selling some really ugly websites for $ 199 - $300 And I am sure a lot of Biz owners would rather pay I little more for good design and function.

Thank you all in advance
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    I think it's a fair price for all the things you are going to deliver to them, it's not too high

    To your success
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    What do you base your prices off of? Do you just throw out a number?

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    I think 5 pages might be too few. With WordPress it is easy to pump out pages.
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    I would look not selling the whole package up front. Many businesses don't even have a clue what some of that stuff is. Why would I pay for twitter integration if I don't have a twitter account?

    As far as pricing figure out an hourly rate that you are worth and then calculate how long it would take you to complete each if the tasks and then do the math. At 750 if it takes you 25 hours then you are making $30/hr.

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    Wordpress is really easy. Would you like to give some more detail info.? May be it is fair price.
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      If you have not actually made any websites yet for businesses in your local area then I would suggest the first thing you need to do is to try and get some accountability in your local area, e.g. actual websites you have made for local businesses AND testimonials from the local business owner.

      So if you know anyone in the area with a business and they do not have a website then have a chat with them, explaining you are setting up your new web design business now in the local area and you need example sites and testimonials. Tell them you would like to do a site for them and all you require from them is a Testimonial that you will display on your own site. The site you make for them does not need to be all bells and whistles, just a simple one of course, home page, contact, about, etc.

      If you don't know anyone, start talking to people/businesses in your local area every time you are out and about.

      You might think about offering more than one business.

      One of the things this will also achieve for you, is as "Entrecon" mentions above - time yourself when you make the site, see how long it actually takes you to do it and base your prices off that.

      If you can offer hosting as a reseller, then perhaps, do this again a third time but as you now have some accountability with the previous sites, tell them all that is required is to provide a testimonial and pay whatever hosting cost you will be charging.

      And of course, put a portfolio on your own site and a testimonials page, preferably with a picture of the person giving the testimonial if they are happy for that... you do have your own site right?

      If you don't, make one and again test how long it takes you to do things - you can also make this a simple site to start off with, home page, about, contact, portfolio, testimonials and add to your own site as you get time in the future.

      Good luck
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    I suggest giving them the basics. All cute add-ons should be optional. Makes it more affordable.

    Do you have sample websites you can illustrate so people can decide if its value for their dollar?
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    I can imagine taking at least 50 hours to do it the right way. So, let's do some math here: 750$ / 50 hours = 15$ per hour.

    Is 15$ per hour a good value for YOU? If yes, go ahead. If not re-arrange your math till it matches your hourly rate + taxes, + software, + phone calls and/or meetings, and so on.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    Do not price yourself cheaply because you are new. It will be impossible to raise your prices. Work out how long this will take you and decide what you want your hourly rate to be.

    Then add a bit on.

    Deliver a great result and people will feel they have good value
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    Fernando has a good explanations
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  • One problem I think you're running into is what the market wants vs what you think the market should want.

    "ugly websites" for $150-$300 vs your proposed package for $750 is a big difference. Not every company cares about SEO/Sliders/etc and other stuff that will take you time. We have a client we're working with who is looking for something very simple, but clean and informative. At $300 we can overdeliver and a lot of it is easy work so we can probably crank it out in 3 hours (I pay someone $15/hour to build it) and we have a nice little profit margin in there between the guy selling it and the cut the house takes. That's all this guy wants.

    You might also want to look at offering different packages for what folks need. That's really the biggest problem you're probably having. Yes, some folks would be willing to pay more for a better solution, but some folks just want a cheap solution and/or can't afford more. $150 and $750 are two very different numbers.

    If you try to put together three different price points, maybe a $149/$399/$799 option and add more "stuff" with each layer, you'll probably get folks to be more responsive.

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    What area are you located in? This would be in the $1000-$1750 range but also depends your area.
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