Tired of Fiverr-type mediocrity -- where can I get a REALLY sharp header?

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Can you recommend a truly good designer that does great website headers?

I'm willing to spend extra money for this --- no more Fiverr nonsense. Something custom with very specific design elements provided by me.

Thanks for any recommendations.
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    Send me a PM, please (I can't due to post count) - I can recommend you a great designer from Romania who really did an excellent job everytime I worked with him.

    I'd expect his price to be around 100$ for your header (I always paid around 400$ for a complete design).
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    I've had some lovely work from Marian in this forum.


    Expert content written by an experienced veterinarian and published magazine and newspaper writer.
    Feel free to contact me for details.
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    Hi BillyBee! I just figured out that I cannot reply to PMs due to my post count either. I guess I will just give you the company's website: inter-act.ro

    The man to talk to is Cosmin. He's got email and facebook, too, but I don't wanna post that here without his permission. If you cannot reach him for a reason PM me your email address or Twitter name or something and I'll send you over Cosmin's email address.

    Good luck!
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    You might want to consider 99Designs.com for this if you want multiple concepts and are willing to spend money.
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    I think local market is best for you. You should to find any Local designer they can help you. If you choose local designer then you can communication with him very easily for made any changes in design and all.

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    I think you can find in web design forums, like getcoder.com
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