Is my color scheme bad?

by Chr
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Someone who I asked to look at my site thought the color scheme was bad. I thought it looked decent, but I'm not very good with art. I thought I'd get a little more input before I change it. Any thoughts?

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    I actually really like the color scheme. I just don't understand what a cracked ground texture has to do with coupons.
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      Originally Posted by Walter Warner View Post

      I actually really like the color scheme. I just don't understand what a cracked ground texture has to do with coupons.
      I like this theme, it's fresh, it makes my screen happy compared to typical grey sites
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    Don't know why..
    I think these kinda colors not for full day, may be its only for day workers.
    Don't laugh kindly, after evening it makes me little bit bore really.
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    With all due respect to your efforts, I would change some things. Generally, when using colors for a website, you need to stick with complimentary colors. You are using muted earthtones AND bright colors. I also agree that the cracked background should go.

    Overall, stick with just a few colors, preferably the brighter ones. Try a white background, and stick with the red and brown. I think your site will look cleaner and more on theme for a coupon site.
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    This is a coupon site. Not an Africa Tour site.

    Sorry to come off so harsh, but when it comes to design, you can't just choose themes you think look cool, or colors you think look cool. You have to target an audience. In this case, its the coupon audience.

    If I came to your site looking for a coupon, I would immediately hit the back button and look for the next website.

    When it comes to coupon sites, you want a nice clean site. A lighter based website would be best. It needs to be clean, and somewhat modern and creative. Make sure it looks up to date and reliable.

    You had the right idea going on the navigation. It looks like cutout lines etc. Thats what you want! Not the brown below it. The cracks and such just tear me away from the site.

    If this was an informative site about africa, or something of the sort, I may stick around for a bit longer to dig in.

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    Unique Design And Looks Good Too
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    The colour scheme is good, the cracked earth is not so good.

    It reminds me of an African charity like Wilcox said.

    Maybe a contemporary repeating background would be a better choice here.
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    the color scheme is perfect
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    Haha well I'm getting a lot of mixed input. I might test out some other colors and see how it looks. For what its worth, the website is intended more as an articles/info site than coupon site. I guess that'll make more sense once it is completed.
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    Man, the scheme is wonderful!!! Love it! Very-very cool!
    Don't listen to all people, because tastes are differ. But the scheme is really very beautiful and warm!
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    It looks fine IMO..

    I'm able to read the fonts clearly, the colour of your theme doesn't distract me

    Personally, I think it's good! Just add more content in it

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      If it is artistic value of your scheme you are concerned about, that is an opinion.

      Some will like it. Some won't.

      I actually like the site. I find the colors appealing.

      But whether or not the choice of colors will affect your traffic or revenue is another matter. To determine that you would have to test.

      The world is quite ruthless in selecting between the dream and the reality, even where we will not. Between the wish and the thing the world lies waiting. -- Cormac McCarthy

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    me not a fan of the colors. The scheme isnt bad..just not my taste. There are a few things I would make changes to though.

    The dark orange top header -- I would change it to match the orange from the slider arrows and 'read more' buttons. I would also change the color of the brown tab for 'Hostgator coupons' to match the brown of the 'Welcome' tab.

    The white 'Money Back Guarantee' on the yellow tab is a little hard for me to read. Im not a fan of the cracked, brown background or the textured yellow body either...but thats just me.

    Also your menu rollovers turn white with black font. It doesnt match anything.

    I think you have a great start but its just not flowing all the way

    If you need help...feel free to pm me. In the end..if you like it -Keep it how it is. Its your site.
    If you don't build your dream
    someone else will hire you to help
    build theirs.
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    You're using an Elegant Themes template. It looks fine - but it's not what I'd use for a coupon site. Use a theme with larger fonts, more focus on the content and less focus on the design.
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