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Hey Warriors,

Just after every one's own opinion. I'm currently using GIMP2 to design images and banners for my websites. Is there a big difference between gimp and photoshop and what are they?


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    I agree with Clément.

    I personally use Photoshop because that is what I was trained to use, further, by using google almost any question you could ask or any effect you may want to have has been put into a tutorial.

    Photoshop is good in that you can have a basic grasp of the tools and go onto google and take inspiration and technique from the Photoshop community, which seems to be lacking in GIMP. GIMP can do much of the same stuff, it's just a little more work to find out how, for me at least.
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    Gimp 2.6 has a lot better UI than previous releases and extremely capable. It can use around 80% of Photoshop filters, can be configured to use CMYK via a plug-in and has 32-bit support (experimental), is about 80% or so compatible with Photoshop actions via the GimpX framework, can use Photoshop brushes, and has a very powerful automation language. Feature-wise, around 95% comparable with Photoshop. Results-wise, the visual difference in created images is virtually none. Gimp runs on Linux, Windows, Mac, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD and is also available in a portable version for a USB stick.

    Here are some recent reviews, information and comparisons regarding Gimp 2.6 and Photoshop:

    New GIMP 2DOT6 Gives Photoshop a Run For its Money - Webmonkey

    GIMP 2.6 released, one step closer to taking on Photoshop - Ars Technica

    Configuring GIMP 2.6 to Replace Adobe Photoshop -

    Gimp 2.6 Released: Ready to Compete with Photoshop? - The Network

    Gimp isn't too bad for a program that costs a big fat $0

    Paul Turner

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    Thank paul1234 for the link...It's work for me.
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    I'm just starting to work with Photoshop (I'm a programmer, not a designer). I deliberated quite a bit about which app I should use since I was just getting started, but GIMP's interface seemed way less intuitive to me than Photoshop.

    Is there any reason I should reconsider learning GIMP since I'm basically starting from scratch?
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    I agree with Clement, since GIMP is free.

    That said, I tried it and it really annoyed me. It's simply not intuitive for my use. It's probably a right-brain/left-brain issue. I'm an artist, and all those menus opening to the right... they exhausted me!

    For me, it was worth finding an older (more affordable) version of Adobe PhotoShop. The time and frustration saved... worth every penny!

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