Wordpress - How do you stop images in tables being shown in Google Results??

by markv
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Hi All,

How do you stop Google indexing the images that you have inside tables on your wordpress sites.

I looked on Google at one of my sites this morning and i seem to have 20 pages listed which are just displaying an image taken from a table created with the WP Reloaded plugin?

I can't seem to find any info on resolving this problem on Google search that seems helpful...

Please help

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    I think this is what you're looking for:
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    Developdaly,thanks for trying to help with the problem that i have.

    I dont think that i explained the problem very well so i'll try again.

    I am having problems with images in the wordpress media library being indexed by Google. I understand that the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast can help me to put a 301 redirect on these pages back to the post that contains the images but i would rather not have the images within the pages indexed at all.

    How do i use robots.txt to control the indexing of these files? and furthermore is this the best way to resolve this problem?

    Can anyone help me with this problem please?

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      Could someone else advise me on this problem please??
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      I realize this is an old thread and I don't know if you have solved the problem or not but I have been struggling with this for months. I added disallow: attachments_id to robots.txt which didn't work. Google ignored it and continued to index attachment pages. I added the Yoast redirect which worked. Users were redirected to the parent pages however Google was still indexing the attachment pages. I have looks at hundreds of posts and articles on this subject and no one has suggested the URL Parameters section in Google Webmaster Tools. In there you can list portions of URLs for Google to ignore.
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        I'm still struggling with this in Wordpress and my site has dropped several pages because the image attachment pages are seen as thin content.

        One minute i had 43 pages indexed and two days later i had 140 pages indexed. When i looked at the extra pages they were all image attachment pages. At the same time every one of my pages fell by about 20-30 places on the google results. Which is really annoying as the site was earning me a steady 500 dollars a month. I have a number of sites with similar format but this is the only one with this problem.


        I think that i know how to resolve the problem by using the following Robots Meta Tag with the individual image attachment pages.


        This Robots Meta Tag would result in my image attachment not being indexed by google but the link on the page would be followed and any link juice would be passed to the parent post. Which is exactly what i need to happen.


        I think that i need to add this code somehow to the individual posts or my Robots.txt file but need someone to help me to understand how to add the code and where it goes?
        I also need help to understand what each line should look like for the individual attachment pages.

        For Example:

        If my attachment page is

        then what should the line of code look like in the Robots file?

        Similarly, if my attachment page is

        then what should the corresponding line of code look like for that?

        Any help from all you wordpress experts would be much appreciated
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