Master, please review my website design..

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dear member's warrior, I want your opinion on all the latest design of my website

This link: layersfactory{dot}com

best regard's
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    Thats Great , just i would like to say , just improve your Navigation menus ,
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    need to work a lot for the design..
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    I think the thing in center like footer can be changed..looks like repeative or footer.But great colour and design !!!

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    The green of your buttons doesn't match the green on the center graphic.

    The text on the navigation and buttons is hard to read. Remove the shadow. I'd use a slight outside bevel to make the text look recessed instead.

    Your font (CaviarDreamsRegular) is a bit hard to read too. Google fonts has plenty of free fonts you can implement that look 'tech' but are easier to read. Alternatively it would help if you increased the line-height on paragraph blocks so the text was spaced out a bit - that would make it easier to read too.

    Finally, I'd remove some of the dead space. Move the center content up closer to the Nav, move the content below that up and so on. I really have to scroll down to see each part of the website.
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    My first thought (before the words registered in my brain) was " gamer website". For a professional website I'd go with light background and dark font. I know it's tempting to use all the bells and whistles, but less is more. Check your English (sale is a noun, the verb is sell) and punctuation and take off the links that go nowhere.
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    Not over kean on the font used or the brackets at each end of header and sub header text.

    your buttons color dosn't match your site, why not use the green in the center of your logo ?.

    your Buy Now! links are to small,to dark and to hard to see on the dark background.

    Navigation.. buttons not right color, blinking could turn people off,shaddow on text to light and to far away from text, backgound color on rollover for me shold be slight change of a lighter color used on the button.For me on my monitor the navigation is far left top corner and seems to be out on limb, for me i would center it so it looks good on all monitors.

    Only my personal

    Give everyone a chance

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    If you want to sell a design, customer will check yours first.
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    You need to to concentrate a lot on designs and look and feel of the background is to dark which is not soothing to eyes,your navigation icon is not looking so attractive,there is lot white space in the website...
    I hope this will help you.
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    I've seen your website, your website is black but cool I think is pretty good
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    I was looking at the background and the pointy teeth at the top of the black element don't visually match up with the splattery effect at the bottom. Perhaps you can tie the top and bottom together a bit better?

    Color scheme is good. Logo text is not really legible. I find as a general rule using gradated edges in logos tends to weaken them visually.

    Button rollover effect could be toned down a bit. Perhaps have it tween from green to white and leave the blackout out completely. Button text would be more legible without the drop shadow. Links should remain part of the visual flow of the page and currently clash a bit, distracting from the logo. Replacement or recoloring could solve this issue.

    On the service page, your heading text for your different packages is too narrow to read easily. Try using the same font you have used throughout your site in a larger point, and perhaps bold if possible. Bump parentheses down to the following line with a <br /> tag

    Don't mix center justification with left justification for the section under this. Use one or the other.
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    Nice website looks professional.
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    I agree with previous post, good website however the navigation needs some work as well as the other all aesthetics of the site. Good luck
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    Nice website. Viewed your blog. It's good that you're updating regular basis.
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