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I need to have a website built. It will be a simple page. It is for a independent, spiritual documentary. We don't have much money but will pay via pay-pal and agree on something fair. Looking for a spiritually minded artistic person to put together a simple, spiritually looking page. The page will consist of a front, artistic page that will have roughly 4 to 5 links to simple text, about us, about the project, donations, contact us type links.

For any people interested to talk more please respond here or to and we will set up a skype conversation or talk more details.
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    Is this a group here on Warrior forum or else where?? Thank You.
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    Let me know, i can help you. I run a web design firm where we design websites for the cheapest rate in industry. Check my Sig

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      Between free website templates from sites such as OSWD.org, free graphics from sxc.hu, and free WYSIWYG editors such as Nvu (net2.com/nvu/), you can do a lot of this work yourself.

      I know that you're looking for someone to handle this for you, but you're describing a job that could be completed in just a couple of hours, even by a relative beginner.

      The bonus is: If you're already familiar with your website, you can update it regularly without asking others for help. That can save both time and money!

      WordPress themes made easy: Sites that Soar!

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    Thank You guys... I am really on a budget so I will check out this Template provider. To check out the project on You-Tube Visit:

    Youtube (dot) com user/meetgod7

    or MySpace:


    Maybe someone would be interested in doing a charity project in exchange for video testimony and/or promotion + alliance for future larger projects and maintenance when we have more grant money and funding.

    Though I am meeting with a independent movie producer from the states tonight in a peruvian bar stay in touch I will let you know if god hands me some money and I can make this cheap budget job touch the pockets a little more...
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    man can't reply to messages or post links until I got 15... can they all be here?
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    we hire designers & programmers starting $10 per hour

    PM me for details

    Sheri f
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    email me at jeremy[@]greenfishstudios.com and i can work up a price for you. within your budget.

    my website is in my sig

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    myminisitegraphic.com this must be best low price ever made ever holy ****.
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  • If your still looking let me know
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    PM me if you want global TV standard!

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    I am not the cheapest, but I am cheap enough and I make great stuff. Please see the link in my signature.
    Home of the $250 website. We offer web design, graphic design, and SEO solutions for you so you don't have to worry.
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    I am a student, and therefore probably the cheapest!

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