Searching for a WP plugin where visitors can download my business cards

by seoed
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yeah, I know that the title is too long but I simply don't know the appropriate
name for such a WP plugin.

I just want people to see the business cards I offer (for free) side by side and under the image there should be a download button. Thats all. And yes, I already searched for it on the WP plugin section, uploaded some of them but none of them really was what I was looking for.

Can anyone help with a free plugin?

Thanks for your all your help.
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    come on, is there really no one who knows what I mean?
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    You can set up a direct link to the file and the browser will auto download the file.

    Example: the directory for your business card is /wp/images/business-cards/my-business-card.jpg

    Simply put the .jpg inside a .zip file and put it to the same directory, only with .zip at the end instead of .jpg

    So the image would be here: /wp/images/business-cards/my-business-card.jpg

    And the downloadable file would be here: /wp/images/business-cards/

    Hope this is what you meant, good luck
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    hey, thanks very much for your help.

    ok, this would be possible but I also want the cards be visible to the visitors.

    moreover, it should look a bit more pro-like thats why I asked if there is a
    certain plugin that can do it.
    or is there a good theme which can serve the same function?
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      Go with Nathan's suggestion; it's simple and it works!

      It's a huge mistake to head straight for yet another resource clogging plugin every time you need to do something perfectly simple. It's simply not necessary, and you will be far better off learning how to achieve the results you are seeking with very simple code.

      For crying out loud, I even received an email this morning "plugging" a plugin (excuse the pun) which, supposedly is essential for every Amazon affiliate. All it does is insert a couple of lines of text identifying you as an Amazon associate. Geeesh!
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