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My blog shows stocks to buy daily and as such each stock is ranked and shown in a table with the strategy that generated it. Because of this, certain keywords I am targeting are shown many times per post. Is this going to cause a keyword stuffing penalty? How else can I show this data? I think the current method is the best for readers, but the search engines may think its spam?

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    First of Keyword stuffing creates link spam. If your main concern is to drive traffic to your site, avoid keyword stuffing. You also want to be sure to use related keywords wherever relevant and possible, as that really helps as well.
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    IMHO =>

    1. make home only show 1 post
    2. for "resold" or "trend following", create attribute title spesific =>

    AET 21 trend_following +1.3%
    KO 24 trend_following +1.0%

    so "trend_following" 1 have title "trend following for AET on 21 and 1.3%"
    and "trend_following" 2 have title "trend following for KO on 24 and 1.0%"

    hope i am not misunderstood
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    I would go to your competition and see how they're doing it.
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    According to the last update from Google, Googlebot has become more strict with keyword stuffing, As you said that the keyword you are targeting exists in a high density then Google will penalize your website.
    try to use shortcuts instead of writing the complete word
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