What is the right colour?

by dinnap
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Which colour is right for a health clinic?
Greatful for any tips!
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    i would do white and pale blue.
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    When designing medical sites we typically use white as a base color as it portrays a sterile feel. You can compliment white with many colors however obviously stray away from reds and browns would be my opinion. Best of luck!
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    For a clinic white is perfect. You also mix green and blue with white.
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    I think you should use Black, White and Blue (like facebook).
    It will be beautiful and acceptable.
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      not sure there's a "right" color, but some are definitely better/more effective than others. i like a white and blue theme. white symbolizes such things as cleanliness, sterility, purity, and blue symbolizes such things as trustworthiness, calmness, confidence...even authority. a good mix of those two colors works well for medically related sites.

      i'm also in the health niche with few sites and keep several bookmarked that i get ideas from. here's one (not mine) for example that would be pretty easy to make something similar to yet i think looks decent: Envita Medical Center & Integrative Cancer Treatment Center | www.Envita.com
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    I like the idea of white as the background because it represents a sterility. Maybe a little bit of bright orange and bright blue interspersed in the design would make your site look cheery. (I think the Sparks People website is a good example.)
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    I might prefer to use dark orange-red with off-white background.
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    Could someone recommend me some great ebook or maybe website where i could find more details about right colours for websites?
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      If you are going to make a health related website, then i would suggest you the green color.
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    grey with pale blue.

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    What ever color combination you use.

    White- Green.
    White-whatever combination.

    They should be light and not dark colors, I would stick to pastle colors for a medical site. Again note white as main color.

    Give everyone a chance

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    Hi dear bro I Think white and green is better and blue also good,
    because I think green is the color of our nature and white color is the color of peace.

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