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This is my first squeeze page / membership site:

The Best Marketing Tools, Courses And Tutorials For Your Web Site

Some content still needs to be added...just looking for feedback on the look and feel, etc.


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    Like it, the only thing is where the line stating only 1 $ then $9.95 is hard to see, make the text solid.

    Make the big blue arrow a big red one, Red seems to draw the eye more in my opinion, In recent test of a squeeze page i did more people used the red button more than a green one i was using on the other site.

    Just my opininon.

    Give everyone a chance

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    What caught my eyes first on the entire page is your "Red" color. You have a "call to action" which looks pretty good but probably could improve. Fool around with color changes on the arrow or maybe look for other arrows kinda looks like a powerpoint arrow. I agree with the above post on the green doesnt stand out enough.

    All in all looks like a great start for a squeeze page.
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    Auto play but not repeat.

    Your video describes more than just the text, It's a video squeeze page so Auto play, i would not repeat as this can be annoying. A good short page to the point and video dos not go on and on so it's fine,again just don't repeat.

    Still say a red arrow, red is powerful color and is great for a call to action.

    Give everyone a chance

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    Id like to see that logo shrunk down and positioned left/right with something else on the opposite side to balance it out, Social buttons or something.

    I also think everything below the "Get Access Today for only $1!" should be actual text not a graphic, which will give it a chance to rank for some of those words. You also need a lot more home page text with some LSI Keywords to pull in some search traffic, that is if your wanting to rank that page.
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    Do something with the design! The video should be centered if it is the main thing. The banner looks old, improve the whole design in a modern way.
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    Looking beautiful your site. beautiful flash video.
    Good job
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    You should put that video on youtube, then embed the video and ditch the flash.
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      Originally Posted by mjsca07 View Post

      You should put that video on youtube, then embed the video and ditch the flash.
      Definately this. Not only will you get search traffic from youtube, you will help in the organic page ranking having a video on there from youtube, plus people on iPads and iPhones will be able to view the video. They do not support flash so viewers on those devices (of which there are many) will not be able to view that current video. All constructive criticism
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      Actually, the video was already on youtube....but I went thru and added lots of keywords, link to the membership site, etc.

      As far as the page looking 'old'....please provide a link to what is considered
      more new and fresh. (:

      I went for a very clean, simple to the point look.

      Thanks again for the great feedback!
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