what Do You use for Creating Sales Page WP or HTML?

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what Do You use for Creating Sales Page WP or HTML? Also Plz explain the reason behind using it.
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    I use Optimize Press for great looking sales pages... Hope it helps...
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    i choose HTML + CSS... more easy and flexible without eating database...
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      WordPress would be the way to go, if you don't know HTML.

      But then again, they have software and web based "drag and drop" stuff now so you really don't need to know that much HTML when it comes to creating a simple sales page.

      You can find a lot of nice themes and plug in for WordPress. So I would go with WordPress. Or, how about you try both, see what one you like working with the best?


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        Optimize press for wordpress, you can do so much in half the time that you'd spend on HTML
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    It really depends on what your budget is and what you're trying to sell. The obvious benefit of using sales page related themes along with wordpress is that it's a lot easier to put up a decent looking sales page. The main downside is that your site will look almost exactly the same as everyone else using those themes for their sites. What most people don't realize is that, that similarity will eventually affect your conversions as more and more people develop offer blindness from seeing that same style of sales page repeatedly.

    My personal advice is if you have the budget, is to test your initial ideas with optimize press to see if you can get your offer to convert and then spend the money to have a proper html css sales page designed. It will make all the difference if you want to take your offer to the next level.

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    I use Wordpress only because I find it easier to use for certain things.

    I also use Joomla and Drupal occasionally and these seem to work quite well for landing pages also.
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    If you want to quickly create a sales page without learning HTML, you can use WP themes like OptimizePress or ProfitsTheme. This mean you can launch your site faster than creating with static HTML. Another pros, you can incorporate WP plugins like All-in-one-seo and W3 total cache with your sales page. The downside is that your sales may end-up the same as other OP or PT users, so it's not very unique.

    If you want a lightweight sales page, you can use Photoshop+HTML+CSS. This mean you have to know about HTML+CSS and will consume more or your time (unless you hire a web designer). On the other side, you can create a unique design if you choose this road.
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    I use to use HTML. But just recently picked up Optimize Press and must say the difference it made is amazing. Professional looking Sales Pages in pretty short time if you don't get too creative. And they have instant pages too that make it a lot easier too.

    Just made this one with it.

    Hope this helps

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    I do recommend optimize press.
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    For sales pages I always create my own from scratch. I like to navigate over to CPA networks and get an idea of what kind of squeze pages are working for them and kind of replicate that. No copy, but just get the basic layout and use that as a template.
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    I use HTML for sales and squeezes, but I put them right on my Wordpress sites in hidden folders.
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    I always use PHP/HTML + CSS, its easy and i get full control of it. But if you dont really know much about PHP/HTML then i suggest go with Wordpress route.

    However i really want to try OptimizePress or GetPremise.
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