My First website. What do you guys think?

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I've created a website which is orientated towards people who are new to the forex market ( I've created the vision of the site however I need to work on the content and on some specialized pages.

Since I am new in this I want to ask for your oppinion regarding the vision and the structure. Do you think that a person who is new to forex will be grabbed?

I also want to participate in affiliation programs. Do you think that the site is appropriate for this purpose?

Thanks a lot,
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    looks empty. maybe to add some pictures in the right panel?
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    It look great. But empty on the right though.color combination also looks great.I like it.
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    empty, nothing special, not fancy and i close the tab in 3 seconds...

    you're asking for visitor opinion right? that's what i felt. to make million of visitor, u need to hold me to watch ur first page 3 minutes minimum.
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    Just looked images and pictures will help, plus hint of different colour as well.

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    Try to add more content
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    Nothing special to me, I'm just talking about your content.
    Add more content if you want to do business by this.
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    I like it, but it's pretty empty The right side needs another column similar to the left side. I'd condense the left column to about 3/4 the size, and then make a duplicate of it on the right side, but include something relevant to the website. Stock prices, perhaps? A ticker would work well.
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    It hasn't any information but the site is looking beautiful.
    I like this site for color and menu bar.
    It's really a beautiful site .
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    Looks empty. Maybe a few more images, a bit more content. And probably color as well.
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    It is a start. One of the hardest things to do is take those first steps. You've already been given some great ideas for improving it. The key is to take the advice and implement it.
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    This is an epic website in comparison to my first build! No... REALLY! :p

    You have plenty of content on your website, which is always great. I even learnt a little about the stock market hehe.

    Suggestion: One suggestion I would make is creating more call to action. From the home page I didn't really know where to go. Most visitors would leave at this point.

    Solution: Create a button or two on your home page inside the writing on the page. Give people a reason to click it. Then reward them for clicking it.

    Nice first attempt *thumbs*
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    Decent design but there are just too much white space, specially the right side. Every block seems different from one another. The page just doesnt seem to flow.

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    I like it but it could do with more content. Im sure you will add to it overtime.

    Essex Accountant
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    Come on guys.. For a first website, that looks great. It is a bit empty though, but like he said, it is a FIRST website. Great job mate
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    nice looks of your site.
    great men..
    i have really appreciated.
    you can insert more new attractive images
    and make its user friendly
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      If this is your first website then very well done. Here is a tip, look at the source code of your page. Right click your mouse and view page source. If you can achieve the same result with a fraction of the code, then your on a winner. A search bot has to crawl that page and pick out the good bits, make it easier for them.

      Good Luck..
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    Your site is awesome in my opinion cause it's menu bar is looking simple and cool color.
    Though it hasn't much more information but it's beautiful for first look.
    Your design is looking different. But I just want to say, It's a great job.
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    Thank you for the feedback guys. I really apreciate it and I'll work on the tips you are giving to me. Thanks a lot!
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    you need to work on your design.
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