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Hi everyone,

On looking around on both google and on here it looks as though some web design sites offer web design by using wordpress as the basis of the site they put on the web.

Allthough themes can be tweeked, custom made, plenty of plug ins etc.. etc.., Would you class this as web design ? or would you realy say this is a wordpress services rather than a web design service ?

More and more people seem to be using wordpress and as it develops more would you then say again that wordress has now moved in to the catogory of web design...

What's your thoughts or opinions ?
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    just use Serif web x 5 its awesome
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    I guess you can consider it either way. Wordpress does have the ability to do some coding, modifying theme code as well as css style code.
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    Using WP = publishing stuff via a CMS.
    Setting up a site using WP = low paid webmaster job. (Tweaking a theme is also in this category)
    Making a unique WP theme from scratch = web design.

    All different things and they should not be confused or taken as equal...

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    WordPress is a content management system, which can be considered as the basic structure for a house. Designers create WordPress themes to convert the basic structure into a home with all the elements that you want. Some developers also help others set up WordPress with a ready-made theme, which is a service. By the way, web designing is also a service (like services of an architect or an interior decorator).
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    Considered the creative uses of WordPress it is no longer just used to buid a blogs.It has become the CMS of choice for both developers and designers.It’s flexibility provides web designers with the freedom to design sites with no limitations.
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    Most of the time it is PSD from designer with complete unique design for the site,
    you take that PSD and convert into Custom theme and use WP as back-bone CMS,
    you are doing web development and web design.

    More often client will not know what is wordpress, but they love the front-end as
    it now matches exactly to their design preferences. And then love the back-end as
    it is easy to manage from the dashboard (more easier now with custom post formats,
    so no post and pages they have special formats like News,Articles,Products,...) so you can say Wordpress can save you lot of time
    and provide stable , user-friendly back-end to manage the content on the site.

    Yes it is full fledge web development and web design!
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    couldn't agree more with Istvan Istvan Horvath.!!!!
    MbitSol - Digital Marketing Agency providing SEO Services UK
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    Thanx everyone,

    As Mohisn has wrote, psd to conversion then WP as back bone cms , then word press devopled over time and continuing.

    Understand more now, Istvan sums this up well, thanks.

    Give everyone a chance

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      (1) A very popular blog service from Automattic Inc. that lets anyone write and publish a blog. The site is the blog service, while provides the Wordpress software for installation on a company's own server (definition #2).

      (2) A very popular open source blog publishing program that is installed on the user's Web server. Introduced in 2003, WordPress is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. Noted for its rich features, WordPress "Themes" provide numerous templates from which to choose a look and feel. In addition, the site can be enhanced with dialogs such as user registration, user feedback and password protection. WordPress also enables non-blog content to be included, and it imports other blog publishing formats.
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