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I have asked about bounce rate on this forum a few times as to how to reduce it and some said to shorten some of the articles on my site because people are often too lazy to read an entire article so I did. However I am still getting a high bounce on many of my pages so I decided to take a better look at my google analytics to see what people are typing it go get to my pages and found some interesting things. I did this today because I had 10 visits yesterday and all but one bounced. Now from what I have been told about bounce rate from someone is that someone could go to my home page and stay for a minute or 2 and leave and the time is not counted because people left from there and didn't go to another page and it is considered a bounce. Whether that is true or not I don't know but that doesn't really make any sense to me.

Anyhow people keep telling me that people bounce because the don't find the answer to there question so I looked at what some people are typing in. one person typed in a search--- how do I purchase 200 euro's worth of 2 euro coins in the us. I have a page on my site titled vacation money how to budget and handle it. On this page I explain how to budget your vacation using foreign ATM's and put an exchange rate calculator on it. So I typed it into google and I am on page 2 of google for this search but am not sure why. My page says some banks can get you euros before you leave but nothing about how to get 200 euros worth of 2 euro coins.

In all the SEO stuff I have done I try to be very specific about what and who I am targeting. Almost all the other clicks I got yesterday were a little of beat in what people typed in but for the most part only one word in there search matched something in my page titles or content on the page they landed on and as I said all my SEO is in long tail keyword phrases. So I guess my questions are if google were as good as they keep telling people they are why are my pages that only remotely have anything to do with the search terms being typed in showing up on pages high in search results instead of back on maybe page 10 where they belong. The other question is how will this high bounce rate affect my SERP for the terms I am focusing on in my SEO. I mean if I am targeting in on lets say how to plan an italian vacation and I show up in results for someone who types in how to plan an overnight camping party because google sees how to plan an and goes with it. What are your thoughts because I just don't understand google although I don't know if anyone does. Mark
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    I wouldn't sweat too much about the bounce rate - if you have a Q&A style site you'll have accept most visitors will just fly in, grab the answer they wanted and go again.

    That said, you could add a prominent listing of related questions on the same page. That should help encourage people to explore the rest of your site.
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    You have to improve your site's look, it should be appealing to visitors so that they would stay on your site.

    Your site should be informative too.
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