What FTP Client Uploads Web Pages Fastest?

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Hello Warriors,

Please I have confidential products that I wouldn't want anyone not even my programmer to access.

I have been using Dreamweaver CS4 for my uploads in the past but is seem much slower.

So my question is: what ftp client will be best in terms of speed of data transfer and reliability for this product, my web pages and other subsequent products I wouldn't want my programmer to access?

Thank you a lot in advance.

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    Personally I use CuteFTP from GlobalScape.
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    Me too have been using CuteFTP for many years.
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    I use free Filezilla and the uploads for me are immediate.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

    Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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    Use Filezilla or you can also use CoreFTP..........they are too good in their fucntionality in terms of speed and tme.
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    Thank you everyone for that useful advice... I am going for the best surely.

    Appreciate your kind suggestions!

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    Yeah, FileZilla is great, simple, fast, reliable. What more can a man ask for
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    The file upload depends on the upload speed of your ISP and not what software you are using. So whether you use filezilla, cuteftp or whatever, they will always be the same.
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    I also recommend Filezilla.It is free,fast and simple
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    For me cuteftp is the best
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    filezilla is the best
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      I like Filezilla too, but if you ever need server to server (no local download needed) then two instantiations of Bitkinex work well (free)
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