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I feel like i have done everything right on this niche blog.
This thing is optimized out the A$$
but still very little traffic.
Did that stinking penguin crap on me?
what little traffic i do get, no one buys a damn thing.
Is the niche too crowded?
after three months, not one single opt-in. WTF
any help will be greatly appreciated.:confused:
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    Damn, no one wants to help?
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    It doesn't really pop, man. It's nice and everything, it looks like you did a good job; it's clean, etc. But it's not really engaging at all, it looks like you're more interested in the search engines reading your page than any real user.

    The home page is too long, man. There's way too much going on there as far as text, not to mention all the images look the same pretty much.

    Try to be more engaging with the reader.. Sprinkle more visuals around that aren't photographs, you want them to navigate your website? Well your navigation doesn't really stand out from the [empty] header. Not to mention the navigation seems to be keywords or something, it's not really an organized hierarchy of your content... Which is what navigation is usually used for, unless you're trying to attract search engines over people.

    You have 4 colors. Black, white, red, blue. So you can't really differentiate what's what on the site, you know? Nothing really stands out from anything else.

    Try a few things to engage HUMANS....

    1.) Put something in your header. Anything, man, it's empty. What's the site about? What kind of information do you provide? What can I expect if I stick around here for more than 2m 30s.

    2.) Place some graphics around, not just photographs. Something that says "click here," "sign up," "subscribe" ... "anything."

    3.) Lower the amount of content on your homepage. I know it's nice to assume Google will give you all these great rankings for having 37 articles with 12 paragraphs each on the homepage.. But there's an internet term for you to check out, it's "tl;dr" and it's very real when it comes to bouncing visitors.

    Put maybe 1-2 of those articles with engaging GRAPHIC (or even graphic/photo) headers to attract the readers' attention. Use your formatting, that is bold, italic, underline, h1, h2, etc. Not only are these essential for SEO, but the reason they are is because they're essential for users to know WTF you're on about.

    4.) Same thing with your sidebar. I can see 3-4 things on there that are not only providing minimal, if any SEO benefit as well they serve no purpose other than confusing the reader. You really need a calendar? You need meta? You need a cloud?

    Not to sound like a dick, but if nobody's interested in subscribing, you probably don't need to worry about organizing your content so much with things like archives and tags. That is valuable real estate for engaging your visitors with things like newsletters and it's buried in the middle of a bunch of stuff, way past the fold. By the time they get to the newsletter, they're buried in text and wondering WTF this site is about again. If you need those widgets, there's perfectly good empty widget spots at the bottom of your site.

    In summary,

    Make your navigation actually relate to your content. It's not a place for SEO, it's a place for users to navigate your website... That in itself will provide huge SEO benefits far beyond putting keywords in your navigation.

    Put some kind of logo, header graphic or something. You don't announce what your site's about. People have to dig through an encyclopedia before they can know for sure; and long before they do that they've already left.

    Cut down on the amount of content/sidebars. You're overwhelming people with huge blocks of text. There are better ways for getting content onto your homepage without leaving readers reading a book.

    Again, not to sound like a dick.. It's just that's what I see when I go there, it really looks like a CPA site or network blog. Those sites aren't engaging either, but they're not meant to be.. Looks like you modeled your site after them, and then wonder why readers are leaving.
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    I would say something but meatro basically killed it. Theres nothing left to say lol. There is a lot of content there which is great!
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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    My site also getting low visitors...
    Can anyone please give me some suggestions to get more visitors? :confused:
    An Information Technology Blog
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      hi bdbloggerz u need to improve your seo then only visiter wil increase. we following some steps to improve seo .
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    Please review my site too.
    An Information Technology Blog
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      Originally Posted by bdbloggerz View Post

      Please review my site too.
      Why do you post here about you site review.
      You can post a thread. I think this is not the right place to write this type of topic.
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      Originally Posted by bdbloggerz View Post

      Please review my site too.
      Your site is good a far as I can see. And I liked the Flying Tweeter bird. You can also add other social sites like Face Book. Your theme seems also good. If all these are not helping you can create a fan page over Facebook. They drive a lot of traffic.
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      Originally Posted by bdbloggerz View Post

      Please review my site too.

      Very informative site.
      Good design, Basically I like your different item (Bird).
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        nice design and all many organic visitors are you getting?
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      Originally Posted by bdbloggerz View Post

      Please review my site too.
      Good site, but Chitika killed it.
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    Provide value and you will naturally pull in people. It's that simple. You need value and to promote yourself. And don't think that you need to pay for promotion. A little elbow-greese is all it takes.
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    I saw your site. To tell the truth it didn't catch my eyes at first glance. It looks pretty my old. You have used same kind of images several times. And last but not the least, too much long site man. No reader can read through all the page long.
    Try giving it a break or use multiple pages. You can also use different sections for different things.
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    I'd like to thank everyone for the valuable input. Especially "meatro" for the straight forward advice.
    The need for constructive criticizm is why i posted this thread, and I am in no way hurt or pissed about anyones comments.
    Anyway, I have implemented a few of the suggestions and we'll see what happens.
    Thanks again for the great advice!!
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    I would say add a better head and title, its not clear what the page is on first glance.
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    your website is awesome but you must change your layout sir.
    that so funny looks..
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    I agree with @meatro, the site doesn't really pop. The skyscraper style opt-in form looks kind of weird to me. I like the traditional horizontal one better.

    Also, I would choose either a different theme or add a feature picture to every post. Last thing, the colors don't really contrast that well, it should be colors that either complement the red/peach or blue, not both.
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    Every one working in IM can tell that it's optimized for affiliate programs and probably won't have much content value.
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  • Pretty Clean..

    Could use some adjustments but its good.
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  • is good site and you have put great details. But site load time is somewhat longer.
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    i think its a nice site but for me when i see a pop up window asking for an optin i exit pretty quick. maybe just keep the optin form for exit traffic


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    I think you need a more eye-catching WordPress theme first.
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    You may want to consider removing the optin popup or at least setting it up to only show once per visit. It pops up for me on every page. It's too much "in your face" and drives me away.
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    but still very little traffic.
    And thats your 1st, main problem.
    All these tips about optimizing your site for user engagement are probably very helpful, but completely sodding useless if you dont have any users to engage.

    You need traffic, this means keyword research, and consistent link building for said keywords.
    Onsite is a small part of SEO.
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