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by Kaie
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I need the basics, a blog, about me, homepage, services, etc.

Question though, is there a way to organize content in a fashion (perhaps a pull down menu) that they can read articles about different subjects? Or will I have to put the articles in the blog and have a links page linking to the separate blog posts?

Does that make sense? I am wanting to build both a 'storefront' type of site (I offer services, classes and am working on my ebooks and reports,) but also an informative resource for good content.

Also, is there a way to add a store? I am eventually adding products.

Please be kind, I am (obviously) new at this. I am just trying to figure out if this is a good theme for me.

I know that I have been told that only I can decide that, and I agree. I have chosen this for the look and feel, and it meets *most* of my needs. I am just trying to find advice and opinions.
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    Honestly, what you need is start working with your WP site - instead of asking questions.

    Go, install it, login and click on ALL the features, buttons inside your admin panel and learn what they are for. Use the default 2011 theme for learning - none of the commercial themes have all the features that it has!

    Learn how content (posts) are organized in categories - one question answered.
    Learn how to create, display, use Custom Menus - another question answered.
    Learn how to set up a static frontpage (Settings > Reading) and a blogpost page - another question answered.
    Learn the difference between Pages and posts - many questions answered...

    Oh, and wherever you are in the wp-admin panel the Help button (top right) will ALWAYS display content-specific instructions and help. Use it!

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      Thank you, I haven't purchased it yet, but I am pretty sure that is the one. I have made a mistake before choosing a theme, but I guess I could always change it if I do (I know it is not expensive)
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        I successfully installed WP and now I'm going to act on this theme I know that sounds like no big deal to most all of you, but to me it is a good thing. The last two sites, I had help, but don't have access to my helper anymore.

        I often think I need to outsource this part, but I am short on funding, and I am first focused on creating a nice site with good content that people like to visit. THEN I will monetize.

        I am also going to buy the theme in a few days while I finish creating starter content, I don't know why, but I am reluctant to choose the wrong them,e for me. What do you think about the theme? I am eager for opinions.

        I am open to any advice
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    It can all seem daunting when you start... just crack on and you will learn as you go...

    It does pay off to learn the basics of WordPress as you will be spending a lot of time working with it...

    The theme looks all right... I think the important thing when you choose a theme is to find one that is really close to what you want... this way you will not spend too much time customizing the theme... and you can get on with the important stuff such as building content...

    Good luck!

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    I successfully installed WP and now I'm going to act on this theme...
    Let me try to explain it to you in a different way (since my previous attempt, seemingly, failed.)

    The theme should be the very last thing you should worry about. Most newbies worry a lot about things that are not important at all - like "which theme?"...
    (Nobody gives a sh*t about our theme: loyal visitors return to our blogs because of the content!)

    Themes are the least important part of the whole equation!

    Plan, organize, start building the site - those are the steps you should perform BEFORE even thinking of a theme.
    Plan the structure of your content (topics, their hierarchy, relations etc.)
    Plan and implement this organizing principle using WP's built-in features.
    Make sure you know exactly what additional features, behaviour you need > search for plugins that would help.

    Finally, look for a theme that would "dress up" your content and, eventually, has some nice features to add to the mix. (Warning: Too many fancy gizmos in a theme will slow down your site!)

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      Yes, Istvan, thank you for that. That explains it well. I have been working on my content. I guess laying it all out and really fine-tuning it before I worry about the rest is wise. I tend to want to rush things and I know that is not a wise way to be.
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