Any good Free Image sites out there?

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Hi Guys, Found this one Free Images - Free Stock Photos any others you can think of?
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    Hi AJ, is pretty good and then of course there is flickr creative commons search.

    - Paul

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      I usually google all my images... basically type a phrase of what your looking for in the google search bar, enter and then click on images in the right sidebar and you get them all.. or if not try pinterest, the new kid on the block..
      More tips at Social Media Combo.
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    I don't use another site for images.
    because I have Google images . Google is helping me all time.
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  • Honestly, this thing of free stock images takes the cake ! I know it’s also all about point of view. Anyway, I don’t see great future in that kind of free websites.
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    I've always looked around the Creative Commons section of Flickr. You have to provide a link (based on the attribution license), but that's it - it's like that with nearly every image, though. Great quality work that will really spice up your content.
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      Be careful with Google Images - they are NOT free (in general)
      If you read Google's ToS you will find a disclaimer that states they may 9and usually are) under copyright.... is great for food pics - I use them almost all the time for my Kindle recipe books! But you still have to check their usage terms as even their images are not always usable for commercial use
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      Originally Posted by samsharen View Post
      I also take from this source
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    IF you want to be shady and steal images from other sites then go right ahead and listen to everyone who told you to use Google.

    I presume you have bit of concious and wouldn't steal from others to save a buck. Go check out or better yet, ante up the money and get an account with

    The folks at Envato have a great selection in their new Photo Dune site at
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    I use google and type in free pictures in front and in back on top of that to be sure.
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    Google images are absolutely not free, they are just other site's images that Google has indexed. Try to take an image owned by Getty that's on there and have fun once the $2,000 invoice arrives at your door.

    I agree with WebsiteBegin, Flickr's creative commons images are very nice. Just remember to give the photographer credit!
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    I find morgueFile free photos for creatives by creatives pretty good


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  • Profile picture of the author cssbros was one of our source.
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    Hello! I usually use google images for searching images and also, I use photobucket since it's also a great image hosting site. But I bet there's tons of them. But those two are what I've used of using and thy're very easy to use with great images.
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    Hello there! I hope it's okay for me to post links to my own sites here. I have three images sites that you might find useful. All the images are free, but some are also available for 99 cents to $1.99 each at a higher resolution.

    For a large assortment of all kinds of images ->
    For U.S. history images -->
    For Christian and Bible images -->

    Hope that helps!
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    thanks for share good post
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  • what about shutterstock. Not free but cheaper and have several images.
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    Try this
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    The best thing to do for images is use the Flickr Creative Commons search. There are great photographs on Flickr, you just need to give the necessary credit. You can just add the credit as a small footnote at the bottom of the pic in small font, and it won't even be like you're redirecting your traffic to someone else.

    Sometimes those royalty free photos are too good to be true. So, CC is a much better alternative.
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    Surprised you haven't got many good answers on here other than "don't steal Google Images". Duh.

    freedigitalphotos dot net and sxc dot hu have some great photos that I've been able to use.

    Stepping through my shadow and coming out the other side...

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    I love Inmagine to get images for my website designing.
    You will enjoy.
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    You can search in google like this "your Pic Name" Free Vector If you want to have a high resolution images !
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    +1 on

    You can also look on Google Images (if a given image gives you the right to use and you give proper author attribution).
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    • Profile picture of the author FU5E is one i use as well
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    This is a great resource for finding creative commons stuff from Flickr and elsewhere, looks sweet too:
    Compfight / A Flickr Search Tool
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    Wylio dot com is a search engine especially for finding free images.

    Also nobody has mentioned that Yahoo Images also has advanced searching options like Google Images to find free images
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    Ooopppsss, Getty has acquired! ... chances are restrictions will be imposed pretty soon ...
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    How about google..? there is no better place for searching than google.. lol..
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    Since Google's Photographs aren't free
    In case you read Google's ToS you will discover a new disclaimer which declares they will often 9and normally are) beneath copyright laws....

    sxc. hu is great for food pics : I prefer them virtually at all times. We go along with WebsiteBegin, Flickr's innovative commons photos are incredibly great.
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