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by nonin
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Hey Warriors,

My classifieds Outlived.co.uk are stuck on constant generic traffic of approximately 200 visitors a day and I can't see clearly how to improve the number and quality (bounce rate) of visits.

Here is the link to public statistics at SeeTheStats (based on Google analytics)

Here is a screenshot of inpage analytics of folding page.

Please, whatsoever is your age, knowledge or experience -> share your ideas on how to improve generic traffic stats and bounce rate.

Every opinion is needed - even if it might sound strange - I will put all the suggestions on A2 paper.

Thank you in advance :/
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    What is your advertising budget? A classified site needs lots of people using it before it can really take off. So you probably need to promote the site heavily to get started.
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    @tylerherman - thank you - I am thinking about outdoor advertising options but in little bit later stages after the website will be finished.

    anyone else? Even a short sentence will do the job.

    .. shall I remove more ads in single ads pages?


    What have I done:
    1) removed 1/3 of sidebar CJ ads
    2) added featured ads block in the bottom of a sidebar (last try to get visitors attention on content)


    Next to be done - related ads in single ads pages
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    Nonin, what you need to do is what tylerherman said: expand your reach. To be a little bit more specific: you need to find a way to get traffic consistently. Your best bet: search engine optimization (SEO).

    Do keyword research for Google UK and look for as many advertising related keywords as you can possibly find, and then some, until you go crazy by the sheer number of keywords you've found. Tip: go get around 1200 of them. Then check the competition for those keywords. Do you know how to do that, properly? With the emphasis on PROPERLY?

    As soon as you know which keywords are easiest to rank for, then you need to start producing content my friend. Interesting, but SEO optimized content. Put 2-3 articles on your own site a week. Every week. Until you drop.

    I did it and guess what? My traffic went from 200 a day (flat as well) to 2433 a day in 6 months. How? Content. Lots of content.

    “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared” – Sun Tzu

    Check out the Motriz Marketing blog for a funny yet informative, brutally honest look at the IM world in general and SEO in particular.

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    try to only advertise and link your site to places in the same topic as your site, thats all i can think of to be honest
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    OK, many things have been done, but 1 has influenced "Pages/Visit" already - I did put featured ads on the bottom of the landing page sidebar (the last attempt to grab attention of a leaving visitor) and the results are clear:

    Pages/Visit has changed: from 2.19 => 2.60
    Bounce rate: 66.21 => 65.71 (before the bounce rate was 73-80%)

    I have added related ads, but can't measure their impact but it should help as well (related ads are 1 of the main tricks how to improve bounce rate at ecommerce sites)


    as per getting more traffic from Google and targeting more keywords - I will chase rankings for all these keywords (already rank "UK classifieds" #6) and especially 2 keywords (have ultra-boosted their presence in OutLived) that marked with arrows in this screenshot:


    any more suggestions?


    ===>>> is anybody here getting 5k or more visits a day?
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    One the biggest things, and I saw someone mention it already is having the right sites link to yours. We did a huge presentation here a month ago, talking about backlink services and the proper way to use them. We took two sites, used Linkmarket, which is an OK service. The first site we exchanged every single link we could, 40 per day, and the second site we only used links to sites that were within our niche, around 5 per day. The first site ended 90 with 10-16 hits per day and the second site with just over 250 per day. No other SEO, exact same setup, one article each, same KW, same everything.

    Just an example of how the right backlinks are more valuable than sheer numbers.
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    Try making the 'What are you looking for' search box and writing more noticeable.
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