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Hello there, I have launched an ad network that is part of the MaxCPM ad network from a WSO. I could really use some criticism, good or bad, as long as it is not outright hateful. This is my first site and even though I put a lot of work into it, I know it can still be better! The site is Thanks in advance to anyone who responds!
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    It's a little strange that there's no screenshots of the software. Most sites will let you have a peek at the software. There's a lot of telling and not a whole lot of showing. I think the best kind of selling is done through the latter. Also, your sign up form is very long. You should shorten it to the bare essentials.

    I had to read quite a bit before I understood what you service you provided. I should know within 5 seconds of logging into the site what exactly I can do with your software (or what your software does for me), and why I should spend the next 5 seconds of my time reading more. This would be your hook. This should be communicated in no more than 2 sentences.

    Every product has a pain point that it's addressing. Maybe you should take that into consideration when coming up with a hook also.

    eg. "We automate your online marketing, so you can focus on other things".
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    Thanks for the feedback voxio. I do not have any control over the signup form that you get sent to when you click register. I like the screenshots idea, I need to get those implemented ASAP. As far as communicating the network quicker, oh man what a task! I agree with you I could probably shorten the main points. Thank you again for the feedback, I truly appreciate it!
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    My honest opinion is that it looks rather cheap and unprofessional. I think if you had better headings and also a better header it would make it look a lot better.
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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    Absolute Logo, thanks for the feedback, I have now added different headers, some dividers, and a slideshow of screenshots of the site in action. I cannot quite figure out how to get the pictures bigger, but I will have to save that for tomorrow. I really appreciate all the feedback I have gotten so far, keep it coming!
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    Is too low and the colors are too bright..
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    Your site isn't looking professional and not so much attractive to me.
    I'm telling honestly. Mainly I think you should change the page site.
    But I think the background color is beautiful. You have to look about header.
    You have to work hard to make it more attractive. But as this one is first time I believe it's a great job. go on with your great responsibility.
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    First site.. Not bad.

    Since its really just a one page site aka squeeze page. I would put alot more work on the hook with more content and speak preview

    Colors are way to bright for my eyes
    Better branding of the logo
    Page formatting (i see you are using a squeeze theme)

    I think you have a good start, now you need to enhance and change shoes to your viewers eyes, would you sign up ?
    Signature <- eBook add eCovers <- WordPress Websites and Maintenance
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    Honestly I don't like your background.
    But slider is perfect. I think you should change background.
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    Some really great feedback from everyone, I am going to look into getting a better looking logo for sure. What color background would everyone recommend. It is obvious for the majority of people it is too bright, but I want a color that will appeal to someone making an action. I do need to work on my hook as well, definitely going to have to put a lot of thought into that!
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    My main suggestion would be to clearly split the site into 2 sections:
    1) for advertizers
    2) for publishers
    Bullet point the benefits for each
    The site is a good start but need to be made more professional.
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    The title text of your posts are illegible. I immediately bailed upon seeing text that couldn't be read. Stick with arial font.

    Michael Harris

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    The logo looks like some kind of crazy ass insect!
    Its also huge thus pushing the important content down the page.

    Design aside, who are your potential customers / leads?
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