How do i get those simple `search schools enter zip` boxes on my site ??

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Hi guys,

how do i get these simple boxes that you see on so many sites that say things like `search for schools in your area` then have a box to enter your zip ?

Like the one in the top left hand corner of this siote ..
w w w .

Any ideas guys ??

Thanks Jim
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    if you have WordPress I think this plugin can do the trick, or you can check those scripts posted here

    As far I know, having zip search is custom coding according the data you have.

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    Hey Jim -

    Unfortunately what you have coined as "simple boxes" for zip codes are not simple at all. The site you referenced has a custom database which most likely contains the location of all of their schools. Secondly they are probably subscribing to a datawarehouse company who maintains lists of all of the zip codes in the USA and then running a custom query to determine based on what the user typed into the zip code field which results to return. They seem "simple" on the surface, but they require a fair amount of coding to get them working and you have to pay a fee to get access to the zip code database. Many people are unaware of how many times during the year that zip codes are expanded or decreased in size or new ones added. This sort of micromanagement is what you paying the data warehouse for.

    The plugin which Michel has recommended does do zipcode lookups, but its not a stand alone plugin. Its tied to displaying ads and its zip code database is not up to date.

    Without knowing what you are trying to do its difficult to make a suggestion. Something like is what I have used in the past at my 9-5 job to create similar functionality, but again its all custom and would cost upwards of $700 - $1000 to have coded.
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