Need help with my Wordpress Comments box-Please!!

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I have just started out with Wordpress, have a blog that is going to be heavily dependent on comments from visitors, so it needs to be userfriendly. I need to have the comments box already automatically open on each page, or at least on the main page, instead of them having to click on that tiny almost invisible hyperlink that says "comments" at the bottom of the page, to get the comments box open.

So far, I have gathered that I should paste in a code of
<?php comments_template();?> at the end of the wordpress loop in the index.php file inside wordpress. Which I have done, but it has not worked to open up my box automatically. I have enabled all the links in the comments box. My website is

Since no one at Wordpress forum responded to my 3 requests, I would be eternally grateful for anyone who can give me some help!!! Thanks in advance.
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    Try cforms II by delicious days. You get a lot of control over the creation of contact forms, including the replacement of the default contact form built into WP. Let me know if that helps. Thanks.
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      I had tried Cform and Ajaxed Comments plugins.
      The Cform worked but the box size was too small in the comments section, and with the type of website that I have, there may be some lengthy comments.
      I couldn't get the Ajaxed comments plugin to work. Didn't get much help from their support desk.
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        you have <?php comments_template();?>

        you need a space there...try:
        <?php comments_template(); ?>

        and make sure you put it before this in the loop:
        <?php endwhile; ?>
        I love life!

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    Thank you Karen,
    I have entered it in as you said before the endwhile (although I noticed that code was already present a few lines up from the endwhile line). No luck still after refreshing the page.

    This may be a silly question, but...
    When posting these code alterations, I am in my dashboard of WP, under design, then under theme edit, then main index.php to insert these code changes.

    Am I in the right spot, or should these changes be done in my actual hostmonster file manager cpanel?
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    Anybody else with ideas?
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      I realize that this post is quite old, but I found it because I've been searching for the same answer... without success until just now.

      I downloaded a WP plugin from Worked instantly without a hitch. $12 a year is a very acceptible price to pay for finally getting this done!

      Hope this helps anyone else looking for a way to do this.

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