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by clou
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I am creating a new website. Please review this website High Energy Health
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    good site. The main thing i would consider changing is the text in the header "High Energy Health" but thats being picky I just dont really like the font but the site is good. best of luck with it!


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    your font is not beautiful. I think you should to the standard font.
    However, I see your beautiful website.
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    Hello Design Is good But I Will Suggest that you should work little bit more on typography of your site. Just try this google web fonts, these fonts are really good.

    1- Lora
    2-Open Sans
    3-Droid Serif
    6-Droid Mono
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    Nice site but need more enhancement especially the fonts. The color is good to see.
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    Looks pretty good
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    Clou, I think its a decent looking website. I do like the top navigation as I have never seen that feature before. Something I would change would be as simple as having a favicon. Right now it is the default blue host icon. I think its great and you have room to grow, good work!
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    Bottom part design is innovative but its color is not attractive. Its wording should more stylish.
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    Great color combination, Awesome menu bar and those colors are cool.
    beautiful background . I like your site. great job
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    awesome colour combination, looks pretty good!

    Suggestion: Deliver all of your messages in main banner use a slider if possible.
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    Thanks to all! I am still editing it with wishlist membership.
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    There are a couple of changes I would recommend. First, move the live chat icon to a different location. I can see it fine because I have a large monitor, but visitors with smaller monitors may not be able to see it, or it may be distorted. My second recommendation is to redo the cPanel, WHM, Ruby, etc. images at the bottom so that they are sharp and have an overall higher quality. It sort of pulls the design down, IMO. And one last suggestion, add more padding to the titles like Quality Equipment, 30 Day Money Back, etc.
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    your site needs a meta description and meta keywords as well as a sitemap.xml. Be sure to include "alt" attributes for all of your images.
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    It's really really green...
    And the guy on the top right feels a little creepy, and the cutout around him looks poorly done unfortunately.

    Try maybe using a bit more white & reducing the different number of shades of green. There are about 15 different shades of green happening on that page which confuses the eye as to where to look, and how important each element of the page is.

    I don't particularly like "skin-pickers" on an information site, the designer should research what works best for their target audience and just go with that.

    Skins are, in my opinion fine for personal web apps like Gmail.. but not an informational site like this. They're simply not necessary.

    Other than that, I think it ticks a few boxes in the marketing & conversion category, however i'd find it difficult to look at those colour combinations for very long...

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    Looks very nice but I also agree it's far too green.
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    At the bottom you've got five numbers, each offering some services only when you hover over them. This is not right from the usability standpoint, it has to be as simple and clear as possible.

    Under the 2 section it says "For a Free" instead of just "For Free"...just a little typo that needs to be rectified.
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    I think you should add more text, because if you want to get good positions in Google, it's very important.
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    Its a good site but you should work more on the content of the site and colors of the site, its looking over all ok and use nice images for your site
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    Lovely variety of colors to chose from. Green does the trick especially as it relates to health, however, it took some time before I was given access to the site. The social buttons are on there so a good sign. Autoresponder nicely set up
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    Wow very high energy indeed Well all looks fine and cool but the guy on the photo, you need to crop his picture more better, its not that smooth or perhaps you can brush the edges or sparks it.

    The twitter box the box and text doesnt match

    overall love the theme

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    I think instead of a guy in a suit you should have someone in athletic wear.
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    I Liked that.
    But make it easy & simple
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    The image of the guy is pretty creepy. Why not feature a few images or a short video demonstrating what you are offering to people (i.e. people eating healthily, a selection of ripe vegetables, families outside together...)? This puts the image into my head, as the viewer, and I start to understand what you might be offering to me. As a visitor to your website, because I do not know the man, he means nothing to me. However, if you use images of things that I can relate to (like healthy lifestyles and food), then it means something to me.

    Why do you need the color picker? This has nothing to do with the services and content of the site. Pick a color that reflects the tone that you want to convey and stick with it. The green you are using is okay, but it's kind of blueish.

    It would be great to see testimonials on the right side column.

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  • Nice design so far. Attractive and professional looking. Why dont you change the favicon?
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