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I just created new website, it is review about automotive wordpress car theme.
i do all design including the coding,

what i want to ask here is :
take a look empty space at the bottom of the page, according to your opinion guys..
is it good if i add another graphic maybe some racing/car detail or it would be better if i put widget, but what widget is the best, i am running out of ideas..
also what do you think about my site?
any critics, opinion is great for my web development

Thank you
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    I like your site. Looks real good.

    For the bottom I think it would be nice to see a painting hanging from the wall and put your links in the painting.

    Its a real good idea you have going there.

    Good luck
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    Nice looking site! At the bottom you have three downward facing lights. If you centered web developers under the center light and added a third item (maybe three vertical hanging paintings of your themes) under the third light.
    Tim W. Roberts
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    I think its better if you add empty space with category or latest news. Also, you can add more banner or sell this space for advertising.
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    Looking good. The site looks clean. There is a lot of empty space. You can put some stuffs there or add some advertisement. But keep it neat. Good job.
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    I really like that theme. I like the simplicity of it and how clean it is good job! It had me clicking around and checking things out! Good job man!
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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    Nice design,

    I would fix the text at the bottom to get it under the light.

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    Thank you So much for the positive feedback Guys..
    i coded this theme by my self and it is not done yet.
    i will add and think all you guys suggest for this theme..
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