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Did an "official" launch on May 22, 2012 and after 3 weeks +...Google Analytics shows roughly 50% of my views are 10 seconds or so. As a Newbie to E commerce I don't know if this is good or bad. I am afraid my landing page content is the problem. Any advise would be appreciated and reciprocated to the best of my ability. Also, I am "thick skinned"

Thanks in advance

Site is...MomIGotaJob
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    Just had a 10 second look....(sorry!) and I like the design etc, but I think you need to make what you are offering a bit clearer. Maybe you need to put 'a poweful job hunting tool' or 'resume creation website' somewhere a bit more obvious - or maybe put less wording in your 'checklist' (which I really like btw) - people don't want to read too much before deciding to enter the site, imagine your viewers are lazy! One final thing - I would keep the 'enter' button (maybe a tad bigger) and put it on the right hand side where it's more visable - I would scrap the 'exit' button, I know it leads to another page, but I wouldn't even give them the option!

    Good luck - I hope this is of some help
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      Made edits on your comments and would like your professional opinion of the home page once again.

      Have worked out an affiliate program already and will work hard at more.

      Appreciate any advice!

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        Hi Ed

        I don't think the big red EXIT button encourages people to continue reading.
        I know the follow from the EXIT does try to hold their interest but the size,color and location of the Exit button seems to encourage people to do that - exit.
        Try dropping the Exit button and moving the Continue button to that spot.

        Also your keywords contain the title of your site several times - I can't see the use of that.

        All the relevant keywords list in the attachment attract 1,500,000 searches/moth so these are the keywords you should be using

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          Thanks John,

          I asked developers to change keywords already and I'll drop Exit from 1st page. Maybe not 2nd page on...still think serves purpose. I'm monitering G00gle Anaylitcs for drop rate. Let you all know if it declines wiith changes.
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    Ed, it's a copywriting issue.

    The site does not give people a reason to continue reading. There is no implied benefit in calling Mom.

    IMHO The first person one would call upon "getting" job would be their spouse or significant other, and not their Mom, unless the person finding a new job is sixteen.

    There is a good list of suggested reading over at the copywriting forum - it's a sticky.

    Here: http://www.warriorforum.com/copywrit...ooks-ever.html

    Over the years I've read almost all of the books the OP mentions, and a good one to start with would be "The Ultimate Sales Letter" by Dan Kennedy. Remember, your website really is a sales letter designed to pull readers in.

    That book will give you a relatively quick quantum leap in your understanding of why people are not staying on your page more than 10 seconds.

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    I agree with the comments above but this is a relatively new site so it could also be showing up for search results that aren't relevant to what you are offering and that will generate the quick jumps you are getting as well.
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    Thanks for your comments so far. I might have to agree with KurBear for now. Google Analytics shows a 90% retain rate after 1st page. Will make some corrections and preservere.
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    Not too bad
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      When people go to a site like yours they're looking for something - a job - and they have an expectation of what they want, not a curiosity about 'what's on the next page?'

      Rather than give them the 'hope and change' line here -
      'By breaking away from the herd, reaching for new heights and securing your place in the future.'

      give 'em something solid that they'll find if they continue - describe what happens if they continue, resume help, contacts, etc., which is what you do indeed provide.

      A visitor to your site probably wants help creating a great resume, getting that resume in front of the right people and getting a job. Tell 'em you'll do that if they continue.
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    The statistics say that the average user will only be on a brand new site for about 10-30 seconds. So in that regard, you're on key. You said 50% of your views are only 10 seconds. So what are the rest? More than a couple of minutes? If so, then you're on the right track for a new website.

    I like the design, just wait for Google to catch up to it.
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    I think it serves the purpose. It might be the way it is being marketed ie non targeted visitors!


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      You guys...rock! Great comments and great advice. Will make adjustments and go forward.

      For everyones benefit...this site creates unique Letters of Recommendation for the user from the users ex-boss, professors or other influential people the user knows. No competition on net.

      What can I do for Warrior Forum?
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    My personal opinion on this as a user is it's a bit confusing to look at from a visual point of view.

    if its a powerfull job hunting tool then tell people why and make it more clear.. This to me dos look like a poor squeeze page even though its not.

    Personaly i would make a more of home page with an introduction to what your providing without having to enter the site or exit it.
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      Not to sound like a mom .........

      It's been two weeks since you've asked for a review, but a damned Red Button is still there! Get rid of it already.

      Second, one part of me wants to say the landing page is good, but the other part says it looks spammy. Every IM peddler out there will tell you to use bullet points, lists, what have you, but it looks spammy no matter how you slice it.

      Why not dive in into the rich content on the landing page? Make compelling paragraphs with "read more" type things and drive them in by substance, not tricks. Also, add some pictures of real people on the landing page. People like to look at people's pictures.

      I know, the so called "sales copy" probably still works, but I personally shy away from that format whenever I see it.
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    Everyone has solid advice. I would add that any time you ask a visitor to your site to perform an action it's considered friction (clicking a button, scrolling down, etc.). You want to have as little friction as possible before you present them with the call to action. I would have more information immediately, and then clicking to other pages for specific explanations (i.e. examples of resumes). I agree that offering them an "Exit" is not what you want to be doing to get them to stay on your page.
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      Yea, I know that damn "Red Button" still there...you should have my developers...please!
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    Working on all that but, is developement responsible for alt tags, headers, meta tags or is this an SEO function. According to AboutUs.com we have a problem with all three. If a screen shot post is allowed I will put it on here for clarification.
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