Is transferring a blog from to self hosted easy?

by Kaie
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I mean for a newbie? The last time I did this, I had help.

I know there are other threads out there, but I need it spelled out in a simple way (have also been thinking about keeping that particular blog with the community to make contacts.) Still deciding. It might be a good funnel to my sites I intend to monetize.

The site I was thinking of switching is a personal expression poetry/photo blog. I was just thinking about stepping it up. My other sites are both metaphysically inclined. The *art* blog I am speaking of has related content.

Thoughts on whether I should just stay in (How can you monetize a blog like that, and is it more worth it to build up "fame" and funnel traffic to my sites?)
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    You can keep your site hosted on, all you need to do is register a domain name and add the domain name to's backend. NO need for self hosting. This is good for you so you can't screw up the host files .

    Poetry/photos are a tricky thing to monetize since the person who is surfing these sites don't have an intention to buy. They are more in a surf mode.

    You can try adsense, but i don't think it'll have good conversion rates. Have trials of CPM ads, aff, adsense, and whatever else you think of to see which converts better.
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      I already have a domain name for it. I do think I will keep it as it is though, the more I think about it, it is better to be immersed in the blogging community there. I am already building a following. Thanks. I guess I have answered my own question, but I am open to other thoughts
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    Yeah, theres no added benefit than if you are self hosting. And, there would be a negative effect of losing that following.

    Stay on
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    Not for a beginner. Many hurdles to cross.
    Hosting on has limits but for your usage but personally I think its A-OK.
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    If you want to move to your own domain, you can look for the info on WordPress Codex website. It is the official help/documentation site. Nothing better than that.

    A very easy way of moving your website to new location would be to set up your new site on the domain (please don't ask how) and then export the content from old blog. Once done, you will have to do some SEO fix to get the traffic and authority for your new site.
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      Well, I do know how to set up a sight from scratch in WP, and I have hosting that I can add to, but I have definitely decided that this site will stay with because of my developing following. In the future if I have this issue though, I will go to the WordPress Codex website, thank you very much
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