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Hello fellow warriors! I just redesigned my My blog:Small Business Marketing Strategies.

I would really like some feedback on it!

Thanks for your help!
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    nice website design
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    A great-looking blog! So how did you get a great deal of comments in a very short while?
    I am still working on this great blog Internet Marketing Tips - Make Money Online at with great posts but without comments yet. How did you get people comment on it so fast?
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    And how old is the blog??
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    very nice blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Awesome design and nice domain name.
    It's like professional and looking fresh. Basically you used awesome slider.
    Overall great design.
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    If you do not want an honest criticism, stop reading beyond this. Truth often hurts. A few warriors have been already been offended and hurt today. I don't want to increase the number.

    Your WP website is using an average template--effective, but nothing extraordinary. The slider fails to make an impact. Typography could have been better.

    I guess your site was designed by some provider/company. If you are satisfied with the outcome, don't bother about what I (or anyone else) have to say. Else, you might want to ask your deigner for some improvements.

    All the best.
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  • Nice and professional. Looks fine for me. You may add 4 posts per page as there are some blank space after the posts.
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    According to me its really great looking blog I like the images used by you and contents are good too, very professional work done by you
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    It is a nice blog !!
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  • Looks good but give away a free guide of some sort to get people to want to give their name and email. Once they do, get them on an automated follow up email account like Aweber. Give tips in the email but also always drive them back to blog posts on the site. Return visitors count. Encourage them in the email to read the post and leave a comment.
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    Great design, gud luck.
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    nice blog just work and work
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    look good to me and all you need to do is submit it to blog search engines and/or do a bid of marketing. Good work.
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    Great look with flash and green color on the website.

    Good combination, You can continue with the present situation .

    Only I can suggest you is to add social media icons on the right side.

    That will be cook.
    Download Good Morning Images Here
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    Your blog site is really so much attractive and pretty much informative and useful also. I'm sure your blog will help me to start a small business. Domain name is also beautiful. So I just wanna say, Go ahead with your great responsibility.
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    Looks good. Color combination is also good. You can add more materials into it. But its a good start.
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    Your blog looks good but need more information.Try to give more attention on Blog content. It looks really promising.All the best for your good effort.
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    Looks good. Need more content. Useful content.
    Signature Stocks trading the only way to make massive gains.
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    Looks very nice, especially the logo. Good job.
    The eBay Power Guru Blog

    Learn How To Be An eBay PowerSeller For Free Today
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    gr8 nice blog its free word-press theme or paid?
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    Looks like you have some good feedback and I'll stay inline with that.

    The site looks professional and that's the most important thing. I want to provide some helpful advice though. So I'll tell you two small things that you can do that I think will improve the site.

    The first you probably know - add more content.

    The second is much easier - make the font size on your site a bit larger. You might have great eyesight, but if a business person in their 50's visits your site and can't read it, that's a real fast way to lose a potential client.

    Best of luck.

    "We think in secret and it comes to pass. Environment is but a looking glass" - James Allen, As a Man Thinketh
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    Ashish Gupta of VR Technologies built very nice customized theme for your blog.... Color scheme is good layout is nice. Good work... Just keep few more page templates for your theme. Home page should have for Blocks of posts 2 x 2 , And widgetized area for right side should be smaller.
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