What the heck should I do with this site?

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I know I keep making threads about this sort of stuff, but anyways. I bought this domain a while back and decided to make a news blog on it, the only problem is that news blogs are almost impossible to get articles for. Any article I try to write requieres a picture that Id have to either steal or pay 50 bucks for. It has really become a pain for me.

I was wondering if you guys had anyideas on what to do with the blog, Its impossible for me to create any articles on current events because I cannot get pictures for the articles.

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    I thought all the news blogs got their stuff from press release sites. You can also use Google alerts to search the web for articles on particular topics. The site is a little too busy so it's hard to look at and a little confused why you would include contracts on a news site.

    If the blog is making any money or has a decent volume of traffic you might want to try selling it but I'm not an expert on selling sites so don't quote me on that.
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    Thanks for the information guys.
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    One question however, If I copy - pasted press releases would it count as copied content on my website? Would the benefit of tons of articles outweigh that?
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