Where did you learn to design websites?

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I was wondering where you guy's learned how to design proper websites.

I for myself just got going after watching some tutorials and started building my own sites.
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    Go to the library and grab some books.

    First, learn some basic HTML and CSS as well as web design ideas.

    Than, learn how to combine HTML and CSS into Wordpress. (you don't have to learn all of PHP, just some basics)

    Than, learn Javascript so you can do cool AJAX things.

    Also, the book Don't Make Me Think took my eye for design to a new level with an understanding of usability.

    Maybe a Linux book would be helpful too since most webservers are LAMP servers. I kinna did this backwards and learned Linux first.
    There are some things that would take FOREVER to do unless I did it on the command line.
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    SitePoint has a LOT of books on website development including CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Wordpress Development as well as more complex topics.

    But you can find a lot of free resources on the web.

    Saying proper websites leaves a lot to imagination, just search specifically for what you want to learn and roll up your sleeves!


    Originally Posted by Sensei.Design View Post

    I was wondering where you guy's learned how to design proper websites.

    I for myself just got going after watching some tutorials and started building my own sites.
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    The best place to learn on how to build a website is webnode.com thats where i started.
    hope this helps
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    For me it was when I was younger I would make stupid websites. I would look at others websites and view their source and go from there.
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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    Thenewboston.com youtube channel has tons of free walkthrough on PHP, Ajax, HTML, CSS, HTML5. w3schools kicks butt too. Hope it helped

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      There are many ways to learning website design fast you have to choose some best way for learning website design.Online books also available and many different sites available in internet so you can learning website design online.
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    In 1997 I remember becoming so angry at not being able to see what was "behind" the Website I was viewing. It was then I decided to move to the land of "Source".
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    webnode is a great site! its soo simple to use!
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    You should download some template and then take a look and try to improve your site.
    sometime you can use firebug to know any websites code as well. By following these instruction I have learned about web designing. hope it'll help you out. and you'll able to make your site more beautiful and professional.
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    u have to lear basic like html,javascript,css,php,photoshope....
    there is one popular site to learn about the web design
    School.com thats greate site
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    this is best site to start, i am still getting help from this site.
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    I pretty much taught myself, if I saw something I liked on a website I would view the source and figure out how it was done.
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    In my point of view, You have some basic knowldge about diffrent programming languages like htmal, java script and css. You have also knowldge about photoshop after you use online tutorial. Dream weaver is best software of teaching web desigen.
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    Buy some books - check out amazon for the best ones. yes they are expensive but worth it!

    Unique Content is all that matters!

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    if you like any theme then buy it and try to customize it. You will learn a lot.
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    I learned from a lot of sources but 1 online source I highly recommend is Lynda.com. They have great tutorials for getting started in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP< Dreamweaver, Wordpress and Joomla to name a few.
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    There's quite a few sites online that offer tutorials, and snippets you can use to learn. W3schools and stack overflow are great places to start.
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    I got a question, on your sig space did you design those sites?
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    A great way to learn website designs is when you are browsing, there a lot of great sites you must be browsing...its only a matter of making a note of things and applying them to your own site...learn from the websites of gurus...they provide some great pointers...
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    i learn online with sohtanaka , but i ussualy get some tutorial from tuttplus / css-tricks and etc.
    Just google what you need ...
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      I had a one quick basics course at school (basic HTML syntax of a website) and then played with dreamweaver until I got fed with it's markup and switched to plain text editor. I noticed that learned more like that and was more in control of the markup.

      then was thrown more into CSS and learned my ropes with that one just by doing/trying things, failing and researching...

      I consider myself self-taught webdesigner and I've been doing that for my daily bread for 12 years now on top of graphic design and photographig which came with the current job title.

      when starting out, I'd draw a nice website layout to perfection in photoshop and then transform that into semantic, clean css/xhtml website/wordpress layout exactly how it was in photoshop...after you've done that, you learned at least 1000 new things.

      - Yucca
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        I Started learning about webpages in 98 with a book called "Stupid WEB Tricks" which turned out to be a really good book because it would diagram the code for a page and explain what each part did and how it worked At the time CSS was a pretty new concept I was using the first edition of Microsoft's FrontPage and Dreamweaver was still just an idea over at Macromedia. I remember our computers were running the latest greatest 10MB hard drives and the machines were smokin with 128 MB of RAM
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    I was self taught by looking at source code of websites. The first sites I built were terrible. Later, I started using w3schools.com, which is still a great resource.

    I highly recommend interactive sites like CodeAcademy if you want to learn the basics and track your progress at the same time.
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    YouTube, YouTube and umm... YouTube! I've been doing very well as a freelance web designer for quite a while now and most of what I learned was from some very talented people on YouTube. If you have an internet connection there is nothing that you can't teach yourself
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    I took a class with the Hartmann Software Group, read books and was fortunate to get a job in the industry.
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    I learned from watching videos mostly and trial and error. I will check out some of these tips. Thanks for this question.
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    I taught myself...
    Pretty much just learned as I have created different kinds of websites.
    w3schools is fantastic if you want to learn the basics.
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    My teacher is Mr.google,
    My inspire is amazon.com,
    My idol is STEVE JOBS ,

    And I like to swim in the tutorial site.

    This is all my secret.
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    I learned web designing by my own with the help of w3school tutorial it was very helpful for me and good for a beginner.
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    I took classes from a renowned institute in town My first website design was for my dad's business and it took me 3 weeks to completely design it.
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    I learned from an institution where we can study various programming languages. I went to study java programming. One day i saw one of my friend doing this designing and i became interested in that.I joined for web designing course and i found that i have a taste in that and then started to do my projects at home. so my advice is that to start this first you must have a programming skill and a good talent for designing and by practice we can acquire all these things.

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    for me it's just like doing by learning , i just google on it ..
    Yeah , i was web designer for 2 years already now ..
    i remember when i was the first time i have a problem i go to tuttplus ..
    and my first site , is a wordpress site ..
    i always make a new mockup everyday to make better and better ..
    and goes to forums to get reviews by a 'real peoples' so the can give a solution . and i was thinking the best guru , of web designing is the 'USERS'...
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    Their is a little bit of a difference between website design and web program. Learning design is not that hard it just knowing what plugins, components and modules you need to use, how to use, how they function and how to place them on the web page to look good. Actually most web design is having the money to be able to pay for the components you need. However, program is a little different. Many web designers dont know how to program. For me its just teach myself, tial and error and logical thinking.
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