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Requesting feedback for our sickness and disease tracking website that maps symptom reports from all over the world.

Rather than attempting to pinpoint exactly where and when you got sick, GermTrax uses broader strokes to map all of the places you potentially got sick. The site collects information actively through user submissions (and geo-location data when users sync their social media accounts with the site), as well as passively through backend web-crawling technology.

At the local level, this information might illuminate a particularly unhealthy location (for example, if 50 people reported "gastrointestinal problems" from the same restaurant around the same time). At the global level, GermTrax can help individuals and health agencies discover large-scale sickness trends.
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    That is pretty cool!
    How's the map populated - by what users report?

    I imagine this site will hit some high numbers every time a new scare is in the news. But even other than that - awesome work.

    The only thing - and that's possibly not the site's fault - AdSense ads are completely not related to the site. I imagine, google looked at my search history, or whatever, so I am seeing hosting ads on your site, instead of maybe some remedies, or what not, related to sickess. Not sure how to fix that part.
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    Your rollovers make text difficult to read. Also, basic text looks unprofessional. But look at other sites that do the same thing well to get some ideas.
    Overall the site could use a lot of work. You've got the content covered, but there's nothing appealing about the way that it's being displayed.
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