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by Stean
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Hey guys,

Please review my website. Is there anything I can improve or change to make it better. Does everything align and is the positioning of everything okay?


Thanks in advance!
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    I would remove the header text that says "Home" on your home page. That would then allow you to move up your intro text. Doing so would also alleviate another concern I see which is all the free space you have above, next to and below the "Home" sub head.

    I might also make the "Web design" header on the web design page some sort of graphic image to break up the monotony of over using simple text on the website, do the same with the Hosting page.

    Otherwise it looks great.
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    Honestly Stean, its pretty dull and filled with redundancies. Your content needs formatting, your images are irrelevant to your service and the WP seems rather standard. It really looks like you simply entered text in a Karma template. It needs to captivate attention and prompt calls. When you give this to a client as a landing site, they will move on. What is your companies philosophy? Create your logo and theme to reflect that.
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      When I typed your website name, all I could see was large images, that occupied almost all of my screen and those images are not even related to what you are offering. My honest suggestion to you is to have a look at freelance child theme (I am not related to them and don't use that theme on any of my sites yet) and compare this themes colors, menus,layout etc to your theme and see what you are missing. Also when you are offering website designs, you need a portfolio, nice logos and beautiful banners scrolling in the images section,not random pictures. Sorry but thats my honest opinion.
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    its a pretty dull site, i would try adding some colors, if you are going to try and make people websites, you need to have more experience to say the least, sorry!
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    Pretty good in my opinion, take care the choice of color of your font as well as the spacing of you divs e.g. margins and paddings.
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    Good Job!! I really like you site

    Available to rent
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    Very good your design. I liked it very much, simple and clear. Basically content seems and color pretty good. It doesn't seem to flow together very well due to the fact that the 'Home' page is very busy. Otherwise it looks great.
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    I agree that you should remove HOME so your text is higher. I only get the first line. Or you have a lot of empty space that would also make room for more text. And while the site is ok, I'm definitely not good at web building/design but I could easily re-create it. If I was looking for a web design company I wouldn't be impressed. I'd just think is this the best they can do?!
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    It starts out great at the top, but then loses steam at the bottom. All that text in the bottom looks like alphabet soup.
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    very nice design, simple and elegant. I like the contact form located to the right on the home page because I think an effective way to attract visitors
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    your page looks nice, and simple, i like the color. but i think you can use the empty space for something else
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    I can't open the link
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    Nice logo and content.
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    So you're promoting a web hosting/design service and that's what it looks like? Let's take a look at some of the more popular hosts in the industry:

    Each of those hosts show a great design and actually try and pull the visitor into buying. Your design looks too much like Wordpress. That's weird to hear, right?

    It comes down to would I trust these people with: a) My credit card and b) My website. And the answer? No. It's not a top level domain, and so that creates some dis-interest right from the top.

    I think it should feel more like a host/design company and less like the WordPress install I start out with.
    WebsiteBegin | Learn to Build and Manage an Amazing Website

    Follow me on Twitter - Joeb3219
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    Ah, another South African

    I definitely think your site needs some work. The home page is incredibly dull and boring, spice it up a bit.
    You want to impress your customers with your design skills if that is the service you are offering!!!
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    I like the layout of your site. Make your site attractive to the viewer.
    Have more graphics on it.

    Hope that helps.
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