Word press them for Accountancy business uDesign or Thesis or?

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Hopefully I can ask this here without getting deleted again.

I'm looking to build a Wordpress site for an accountancy business. uDesign and Thesis seem to be poulare but would they be appropriate for an accountancy business?

Looking at the showcase on Thesis seems many are mainly blog sites?

Any advice, I'm looking for something very user friendly, intuitive, not a programmer/developer.

In terms of appropriate imagery is this included in the theme or are they readily downloadable?

Thanks for any advice.
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    Those two are fine. Thesis is very flexible, you can make many different designs..but the learning curve is steep.

    Try the free version of Pagelines or Platform - you can make many changes from the WordPress Dashboard Theme settings. For most themes should install what is called a Child Theme if you are customizing the CSS..updating is a lot of work otherwise.

    To make a WordPress less bloggy..use Pages (not Posts) for fixed pages on your website..and adjust the WP settings..remove/suppress commenting ability..lots of customization possibilities with WordPress.

    Good luck!

    oh..forgot - you should expect to make or go look for appropriate images for a business site - lots of places online that have free images or very low cost images.
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    I'd prefer thesis, they are very flexible and built in SEO features are very impressive, you don't even need to touch any codes.

    You can create static home pages so that your landing page looks like a website rather than blog.
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    Thanks for replies guys. I have never used Wordpress before so wondering if that makes a difference. Are these two the same in terms of level of user friendliness? uDesign had great reviews on Themeforest but the ad blurbage for Thesis said about 50,000 people had bought it (but we all know about copyright promo) I'm probably looking to do a classic 5 page site including a blog page (seems to be a fairly standard layout on many WP sites)
    If I can put a reasonable looking site together initially and then refine/improve over time I'll be happy enough.. would these themes be intuitive enough to let me achieve that?

    Is there a reason why you would consider/prefer Thesis to uDesign e.g. better for SEO, layout, easier to use etc?
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    maybe you can check templatic dot com themes.

    I think their themes are awesome and have a lot advanced theme option. They update their themes regulary & and sometimes they add more feature to their existing themes
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    Hi Nurkholis, given there are so many themes I've tried to narrow it down to the two above as they seem very popular. I'm trying to gauge why people would pick one over the other and whether they are both as user friendly as each other.

    If I'm a complete newbie to Wordpress are Thesis/uDesign still appropriate? They had one lawyer them on Templatic, but if that is more restrictive than the two I'd already looked at it isn't necessarily a better option. On the other hand if Thesis/uDesign require a lot of understanding to get to grips with them and produce a reasonable looking site, then they may not be the best choice for me.
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    Have now come across Small Business Theme from Expand2Web which looks good as well. It gets quite confusing with so many to choose from.
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    If you never use wordpress before, uDesign will overwhelm you.

    Newbies shouldn't touch Thesis, unless of course you want to build something like Thesis' default appearance.

    Instead of spending $40 and many hours setup the site yourself, I highly suggest you pay someone $99 here on WF to build it for you.

    I'm not self promoting myself because my price point is much higher than that, and seems $99 designer is all you need.
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      Newbies shouldn't touch Thesis, unless of course you want to build something like Thesis' default appearance.
      Yea, Thesis is a WordPress Framework not a theme, it's like Pagelines dot com & HeadWay dot com.

      usually they (Framework) has many or maybe too many theme options. So complicated for newbie.

      If you are new to WordPress, it won't be easy to use Thesis, unless you have someone to create it for you or you have to be patience to learn it step by step.
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    Thanks guys, that's useful. I'd like to learn Wordpress hence wanting to do it myself. Any thoughts on Expand2Web, it seemed like it was more of the box from what I was reading and might be the way to go for me?
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