I really need your opinion about my new website, Paid pop Quiz website

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Hello Folks

I just create new website


it is online paid pop quiz website,
it is totally new and just got traffic only 3 today LOL
and i want your review about this site,
i create clean and minimalist design,
basically this site is for charity purpose.
and about the payment, Yes!!! i will pay the highest score every week
the weekly member who get highest points will be paid by me.. directly to your paypal account, if you want to try it please do. I will be so proud if get new member

Thank you and have a nice day


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    I don't really like the strange font on the landing page (home). Further besides the fact that it is for some charity (?) and you can win $10 the point is not really clear
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    I like it, and I think your use of whitespace is done well. However something about the site is unsettling on the eyes. I think it may be over use of text and lack of graphics/images in the body. Looks great there for a minimalist style site though. Kinda hard to put my finger on it.
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    This is really a cool. I have just registered in that site and want to start answering and one more thing can i know where you from???
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