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I have been blogging for a while. I really want to start monetizing and making it worth my while so that I can do it from home from now on instead of at work. Can you guys give me some advice on my blog and what I can do to make it look better. I feel things do not flow well. Things aren't lining up how I thought and was curious if you guys knew how to do that on blogger or if I should be using a better tool. Thanks in advance for any advice.

The link is in my signature since I haven't posted enough on this forum as of yet. Again Thank you
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    Is there a reason you are using blogger? If you really want to drive traffic and gain interest, I would highly suggest getting a domain name/hosting and using wordpress.

    This will be highly beneficial to you in the future, so do some keyword research, and pick your domain name. There are tons of places that you will get a free domain name (or really cheap like $0.99) when you purchase their hosting package.

    Put in some money up front, it is worth it 1000 fold.



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      Yes I had run out of funds but you are correct I really need to fix that. Wordpress I have a number of blogs but haven't bought through them. I think I will look into that now. Thanks for the great information.

      Matthew Collinson
      Beaverton, OR

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        the website is good made, however you should purchase domain name for better control over your website
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        Originally Posted by matthewtc View Post

        Yes I had run out of funds but you are correct I really need to fix that. Wordpress I have a number of blogs but haven't bought through them. I think I will look into that now. Thanks for the great information.
        Anytime. Let me know if you get another site up, I will be more than willing to help in anything you need.


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    I think flash video in the right side is too big for me and agree with the others, you should buy a domain name for your website.
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    I have visit your blog. Its very nice design. You can optimize your view by add some widget.
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      Well first off, if you want to take this seriously and start getting traffic you need to export that sucker and start using WordPress with a custom domain name. Sure, Blogger blogs do get a lot of traffic sometimes, but the .blogspot URL doesn't look professional and what are you going to so when your blog that as of right now you technically don't completely own disappears one morning?

      WordPress hosting is not as expensive as you might think. The best host in my opinion and the one that I currently use is Host Gator. I'm not going to get into details, but there are multiple reason why I prefer them including the cheap price.

      Switching from Blogger to WordPress is like day and night. If you've never used it before you'll be amazing at just how much control you have over your website now. Custom themes, plugins and etc.

      Hope this helps!
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    There seems to be something wrong with your left sidebar. The video and texts are going out of the sidebar edge. And the texts are not aligned correctly.

    I'm using Firefox 13.0.1.
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    Thank you all for your replies I greatly appreciate the input. I am going to buy a new domain for it through host gator since I already have an account there. From there I will put wordpress from a few recommendations and then utilize the widgets from there to fix the alignment issues. Thank you so much guys.

    Matthew Collinson
    Beaverton, OR

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    Hostmonster is currently $4.95 a month with a free domain. Plus you have wordpress access as well. I have had no problem with hostmonster. Good luck with your site.
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    I agree with @jamiller get a self hosted Wordpress, then come back. You will benefit from it better, plus it gives integrity to your site when you have a .com domain name and great theme that looks professional, not the generic Blogger.
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    Am I missing something here - your site True Sad Stories is actually on your own domain with a wordpress blog? I like your header image and the rest looks good enough. If you want to make a living from this you need to do some niche research to find a niche where there are paying visitors and you will have to output lots of content and then get it ranked.
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    I'm a little confused. You say you've been blogging for a while yet you only have three blog entries and no archive beyond this month. Is this a new blog you want to monetize? I think the blog flows fine and does line-up well. I agree with everyone else regarding getting your own url and making it a wordpress site/blog.
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  • Hey Matt, I've scanned through your website, it looks good though but not good enough. All you have to do is register a domain just as mentioned above, pay for hosting and use the wordpress platform to build your blog. When i mentioned wordpress, mind you that wordpress is of two types, the free and paid one and the one i highly recommend is the paid one which you can find at wordpress dot org, though the software itself is free but you will pay for hosting.

    However when it comes to getting a domain name and hosting it, i recommend you check out godaddy for domain and hostgator for hosting reason being that both offers a very unique customer support and you can easily install wordpress using the in-built fantastico delux.

    Finally, putting all these together will not cost you much but no-matter how much it cost you, you will soon discover that its worth it. Thanks
    To your Success
    Nwangene Theodore
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    Oh hey guys sorry I had changed my signature when I did build my own site under my own domain. I still have the other but do not want to break any codes of the warriors. The original people were looking at was at articledatabasemoney . blogspot . com which is why they were telling me to get my own domain. I understand that and am waiting until I have the funds. That one under my current signature is a project I am working on following some advice from a warrior user. It is a unique niche but a lot of people do search these bad stories. Plus it is helping me figure out how to use wordpress admin area. I know that only has a few posts but I have done many other blogs just never tried to utilize the monetizing aspect. Now after my daughter was born I have made it an ultimate goal to be able to live off of what I do online. I understand a lot and have a lot of information in my head now I just have to get it organized but have to do it in a hard knock way. I do not have financial backing other than my 9 -5 and with my own baby and two step kids and getting married in august money is a bit tight hehe. I am patient however and am knocking out steps and following processes to be successful. Thanks for the great input though my new found friends. I love this forum and the feed back.

    PS ok got the domain through godaddy and hit up hostgator for hosting just waiting for email confirmation then will be transferring my blog stuff to a wordpress built page then I will post for another review. Thanks

    Matthew Collinson
    Beaverton, OR

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    Alright got I have just have to get the things reordered once I get home this evening. Then I have to get adwords put back on that one and get my aweber form set there as well. Feel free to check it out and leave advice.

    Matthew Collinson
    Beaverton, OR

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    I absolutely love your original content. For your title I would say How to Make Extra Money, rather than using a picture to represent the last word. Titles are very important to Search Engines. Maybe you should give your category a name rather than Uncategorized. The site looks great with the bright green color in the heading and the money image. Good job!
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    Good design. A lot of site's make you search around for that info. It's good to have it easily accessible. The welcome font and color should be perhaps a bit more subtle. I think nice domain name for your website. Great work.
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    Thanks guys appreciate all of the input this is great

    And changed the Header to include Money instead of just the money.

    Matthew Collinson
    Beaverton, OR

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