What program do i need to change my design

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I started a micro job fiverr style website... (oh joy another one)

However i'm going to be putting in large amounts of funds and working full time on it to make it one of the bigger names.

I need to change the design of the site... i have somebody currently working on my features part.

Do i need a special program to upgrade the design myself ? or can i just do it without a program?

when i say design i mean the graphic end of the site such as buttons and headers/colour scheme.
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    Photoshop or GIMP should do the job
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    You might want to think about getting Dreamweaver if you are going to do any web editing - although it is not free like Kompozer.
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    You should be able to edit the site with a little CSS knowledge (for headers/color scheme), and something like Photoshop, Illustrator, or GIMP for the graphics. Depending on how much you want to edit the site will dictate how much knowledge you'd need of CSS and graphic design.
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    Ok great cause i brought a book and its arrived today on HTML and CSS so im hoping that will teach me the basics
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      Probably the first thing you're going to need to do is find out what kind of site your people are building for you. Are they just throwing up a wordpress site or a seriously coded site . you say it is on the order of Fiverr. If that's true then it's going to take more than some html and css. It almost certainly has a database backend and because you are going to be collecting peoples personal information you are definitely going to want to make sure it has all the proper security in place.

      As lo0ng as all you want to edit i the graphics then something like photoshop or Gimp if you just have to and some CSS and HTML knowledge should get you by.
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    If you want to make a great change in the site, you can use a new theme. If it's wordPress, do this by just uploading the new theme. (I absolutely love Ink Themes.) If you only want to change the graphics, just upload new graphics from the media section of your dashboard. I buy my graphics at BigStock Photos. They have just about anything, you need.
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