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Hi everyone!

I came here to get some tools and learn how to drive traffic and repeat visitors to my site, to get myself higher up on search engines, etc.

Thing is, my blog is a little different than what most people are doing. I'm not trying to sell anyone a, "how to make money" service, I'm actually not really trying to sell anything, per say, to the general public. I'm trying to provide a service and what I'm hoping is that with enough people coming to use this service, I can actually make money from big ads. For me to attract those advertisers, I would need a lot of repeat, quality traffic.

My niche is not actually "how to make money" or "how to get SEOs" or really anything IM related but I know I can still learn something from this forum to help my site.

Let me try to summarize this:

I am providing a service that is needed and will link those who need the service to those who want to use it, nationwide.

I want to gain revenue from ads...not little ads, the big boys.

If I were to put the site here, would anyone critique it?


No one? Really?
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    I am sure you'll get some reviews coming through like everyone else that has asked, post your site up and lets see what happens.

    One question though, how do you know that it is a service that is needed? what research have you done to measure the demand for your service?

    sites dont have to be related to internet marketing or how to know seo - to make money - Only one of the sites I am building myself are related to IM, the rest are non-related, one site is quite unknown - for now anyway
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    The Future of The Web
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    Agree with webpeon...get the link out.
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    Reminder: this is a web design forum.

    Anything that is NOT design related, e.g. business plans, traffic, seo, ads etc. - will be deleted.

    Now have fun!

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      Yes, thank you, I saw the forum name when I posted my original post.

      That was what I was going to ask people to look at, was the design any good.

      At this point, however, I have other ventures to concentrate on so will put that to the side for now.

      Thanks anyway.
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