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Hey there guys , i do some word press and web design for some local clients .
I have always been facing serious issues when it comes to giving a cool , professional and creative quote to a client .

I believe BIG companies give a pro quote giving info on what theyre gonna do , the number of pages , seo friendly and the all the work involved in the web design / development process and clients love it .
I have some big potential leads lined up and i need some help !

Can any one of you suggest a good / perfect format for giving web design / development quotations to clients ?

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    Socio, Many years ago, I was where you are now. I lost time/money with each client as I learned how important the paperwork was. I loved working..not taking care to do paperwork or write everything up.

    One day, I bought a set of forms by a then-new-to-web-design-herself woman that was sharing the set of forms she had to create as she learned.

    If I could change one thing in my career, it would be that I would have bought (and used) that set earlier. LOL I bought so many expensive sets later, thinking they would somehow be better. Nope. These are real-world, you know?

    Over the years, that set became customized for my needs..but from the moment I started using the forms and for billing - everything changed.

    Scope creep, managing expectations, getting payments..these are the type of things that hold back and/or ruin a business.

    Here is a link to that set

    If you don't want least read the list as you will need to replicate most of them.

    Good luck!
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    i see ! thats good info - will hop on and check right away !
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      The best thing to do is go to other web design sites and look at the questions that they ask their own clients and get ideas that way. That way you will not have to use so much trial and error. You will already know what works
      Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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    can suggest some good ones if u know of any ?
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    Also can someone suggest me a best tool for me to create a pencil like web design mock up for clients ?
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    A quote will always just be a quote regardless of how you present it. What I would concentrate on is not pushing (for lack of a better word) your service onto your potential customers but find a way to attract them by drip feeding your quote to them.

    Consider the following for example..

    Designer 1 sends through a message saying.
    Hi xyz Ive attached a quote for your requirements, look forward to working with you

    Designer 2 sends through a message saying:
    Hi xyz, I understand you're looking to build a site around your product, can you tell me a bit about it before we get started so I am sure I have this right.
    Client replies:
    Its about blah blah blah
    Designer 2 sends a follow up:
    Ahh right, I totally get where you are coming from now have you considered using blah blah blah to accomplish what you are wanting here (the blah blah blah bit will be an extract from your quote)
    Client Replies with response:
    That sounds great its exactly what I'm looking for
    Designer Replies again:
    Perfect I'd also suggest doing blah blah blah (again an extract from your quote)
    Client responds:
    That would totally work for me.

    obviously this could continue for a bit till you've worked your way through your quote at which stage you drop your bomb.
    [Well 'client' it would seem we are both on the same page here. Let me drop a quote your way for you to accept and we can get this started for you]

    At this stage its not going to matter what the heck your quote looks likem, you've already sold the customer, you could probably throw them a hand written scribble with your signature on it and they'd accept

    notice the differences in approaches, people buy from people they like. period!!
    Web 2 Mobile
    The Future of The Web
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