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I am having trouble with the wordpress sidebar. My aweber and my youtube video are really narrow and I haven't been able to find something to make the side bar bigger. Do one of you know a way to simply either go in and change the code or bring a plug in to make it look better. It is driving me nuts lol. Thanks for any help in advance.
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    It's not going to be an easy fix because of the twentyeleven theme's responsive design, but here are some places to get started.

    First, create a child theme so you don't mess up WordPress's default theme:


    Then, these two posts I found will get you going in the right direction if you want to play with some CSS code:



    Sorry for the text links. I don't have enough posts yet to post "real" links.
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    Maybe if you post a link with your website we can help you...
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    How To Make Extra Money | Online, offline, marketing and news

    Thanks Bryan I appreciate the input will get started on that today
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    To say something about this at first i need to see your site. Then i can say something about this. So please provide more information.
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    howcanumakemoney.com is the link
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      If the theme that you are using isn't a 'flexible width' theme it's not going to be very easy. Search around on Google for some basic HTML articles on Wordpress and see if you can change it up yourself. I would recommend trying to work with what you have though; messing with HTML on your own can really get you into trouble is you're not exactly an expert.

      Of course you can always make a backup of your website first as well.
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    Got it all fixed and thank you for all of the help. You guys are wonderful!
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    I was going to say, it looks OK to me.
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    Looks like I am a bit late to the discussion but if anyone ever runs into a problem like this, just look for a different theme with a wider sidebar.
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    Thanks Brad and Lady Carole If it looks ok what else would you suggest Lady? Any additional advise is always welcome and thanks in advance. Criticism just means making things better.
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