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I have an 851 x 208 image I want to uplad as my facebook cover but everytime i go to upload it - the image gets stretched much larger than the original and real distorted. anyone have time to walk me through this one?
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    it sounds like the height and length ratio are different from what facebook uses to your your image size is. usually this causes the stretching. facebook uses 851x315 for the cover size. Try to adjust your image so that they have the same proportion.
    Hope that helps
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      As the above post states, you need to prepare the image first. Your gonna have to play with the image and get it to the dimensions specified by facebook.

      I use this free program,, to manipulate images. Images can only get smaller without losing clarity, smaller images will lose clarity when enlarged. You must start with an image that is larger then the facebook dimensions or get creative with the image you have an add something to reach the required dimensions.

      Good Luck

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    shot for the replies. Got it sorted in the end and you were both right, it was the image size causing it to stretch, thanks
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  • If you want perfect size of your facebook cover page create image with hight : 315px and width : 851px
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    There is given pixel resolution for that cover picture you have to upload a image that fits in that ratio. Then you will see your cover photo is responding well.
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