i need help with building a nich site

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where can i go in this forum to help me build a niche site with wordpress:confused:
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    Originally Posted by drmanny View Post

    where can i go in this forum to help me build a niche site with wordpress:confused:
    What you just asked is almost as vague as asking "Where can I go to get food I will like to eat". If you are just starting out you need to either find someone to build the site for you or you need to start learning the basics of WP.

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    first off, bumping a thread every half an hour isnt going to get you the help that you want, despite the fact that us IMers have flexible schedules we also have lives.

    in all honesty its probably going to be easier for you just to buy one already set-up from the sounds of it (mostly because you give an impression than you're a little impatient and trying to build one will just frustrate you even more) .. you can check out the complete website for sale section, pick something that interests you and hit the buy button
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    Maybe it would help if you clarified whether you need help building a site or whether it isn't the building a site that is the problem but the "niche" element of it that is the problem.
    Do you have a niche in mind?
    Do you have a site already but you want to migrate it into a niche?

    It's a bit like asking someone to help you bake a special cake. You could have one person help you to make a victoria sponge while someone else is trying to help you make a fruit cake. You are going to end up with something really odd (and probably not nice) and almost certainly not what you wanted!

    Same with websites - and niche ones at that.

    Word of advice. Don't try to eat a niche website. It'll give you indigestion!
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    Build a wordpress website at $199.00

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    You can try to learn how to build wordpress. You can try some free domain, such as .....wordpress.com. If you want more professional, you can buy domain, like .com, .info, .org, .net, etc.
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      thanks guys that's was very helpful
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    You can go to the warriors for hire section of the forum and find someone who builds WordPress sites.

    You can go online and learn how to build your own site.

    As as mentioned here, you can buy a site already made.
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    I think before wasting your time here, you should do some research in google or any other search engine and go through the articles there.

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    If you want to learn professionally then you can hire me as a master.
    I will teach you all the tips and tricks of wordpress.
    If you are interested then just pm me.
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    Originally Posted by drmanny View Post

    where can i go in this forum to help me build a niche site with wordpress:confused:
    You might have luck using the Advanced Search Feature here on WarriorForum.

    From the top menu, click on 'Search', you will now have a drop down menu showing "Advanced Search".

    Type in your Keywords "WordPress" and/or "niche"AND scroll down to Search Options and, holding your control key down and use your mouse to select the following categories:

    Warrior Special Offers Forum
    Warrior Products & Services

    This way, you will have search results that are specific to what you are looking for in only those forums.

    Hope this help...Leah
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